Practise smartly.
We believe that every child learns differently and are dedicated to
build a platform that allows each child to learn, improve and master
concepts at their fastest pace.
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Geniebook for Homes
Practise smartly. Geniebook intelligently identifies your child’s
weaknesses and generates targeted practice for them to
learn effectively and efficiently. Get personalised questions
and solutions that are carefully crafted coupled with teacher
support who correct your child’s work and provides
assistance where necessary. Parents can easily track their
child’s progress and assign suitable worksheets for practice.
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students improve quickly
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parents stay involved
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Geniebook for Teachers
Quality over quantity. With Geniebook’s machine
learning to facilitate with marking, teachers can
spend less time scoring worksheets and focus
more in classroom teaching. Detailed item analysis
is available to provide teachers with an overview of
the class’s performance as well as pinpointing each
student’s weak areas. Real-time feedback is also
enabled to ensure efficient communication
between teacher and student.
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Geniebook for Enterprises
Digitalise meaningfully. Set yourself apart from others with our artificial intelligence
capabilities to help your readers learn better and faster. Give your consumers easy
access to your materials to allow for a more seamless experience.
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digitalise meaningfully
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