Geniebook will support you through Full Home-Based Learning.
Geniebook will provide online worksheets and lessons for free until 4th of May.
Subjects offered:

Primary 3 to 6
  • English, Maths and Science
Secondary 1 to 4
  • E.Maths and A.Maths
  • Science (S1 and 2)

Geniebook has spent the last 10 years perfecting online assessment-led learning tools. This invaluable experience has taught us how students learn best through home-based learning. Our students improve when online lessons are combined with our powerful assessment-led learning tools.

Hence, we will support students with
  • A.I. powered worksheets personalised to their strengths and challenges.
  • Online lessons for English, Maths and Science.
  • Progress Reports to empower greater improvement.

These benefits will enable students to transmit smoothly into full HBL and maintain progress.
*You may attempt 10 worksheets in this account for free. Due to overwhelming demand, we will not be able to mark your answers. Instead, students can refer to the model solutions given in each question after submitting answers.