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Learn how we employ A.I.
Our team of outstanding educators, technologists and researchers strive together to create a world-class experience for your child.
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Knowledge is greater power with data
We cover all aspects of English, Maths and Sciences for Primary and Secondary levels. Our teachers and authors review analysis from our data science team. They then create and update questions daily based on the latest syllabus from Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE). Geniebook is fully compatible with the Subject-Based Banding (SBB) that MOE is implementing from 2020 onwards.
Meet Our Teachers
Meet Our
Team of Teachers.
Leave your child in the best hands. During our stringent selection, teaching candidates take a written test compiled from the hardest questions using our records of more than 5,000,000 attempts. They are also assessed on more than 30 criteria on their competencies in providing the best guidance for students.
Teacher Jerlyyn
She obtained her Second Class Honours Degree in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry from NTU. Before joining as a full-time teacher for 2 years, she began her teaching career as a part-time teacher for 4 years. Today, she specialises in Primary Science, Primary Mathematics and Lower Secondary Science. With her perky personality, she always succeeds in engaging her students during her lessons. She showers her students with the same motherly love towards her 5 cats.
Teacher Yi Ting
After completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary Education) in NIE, she served 7 years as a full-time teacher in Raffles Girls’ Primary School and Bukit View Primary School. She is also familiar with Primary Mathematics and English syllabus. Her lessons are upbeat and lively, just like her taste in music. Always going the extra mile to inject humour into her lessons, you’ll find that her students are fully engaged and motivated to learn.
Teacher Kula
Upon graduating from NTU with a Second Class Honours Degree in English Literature, he started his career as a part-time teacher for 5 years before pursuing his interest as a full-time teacher for another 5 years. Today, he is well-versed in the curriculum for Primary English, Secondary English and JC General Paper. As an English teacher, it comes with no surprise that he enjoys playing scrabble.
Teacher Xavier
A principal of School Plus Learning Centre with 16 years of teaching experience, his specialised teaching subject is Mathematics for Primary to JC levels. He graduated from NUS with a Second Upper Honours Bachelor Degree in Applied Mathematics. With his animated and bubbly character, he is always providing a fun and enjoyable learning experience for his students. Performing and learning magic tricks are his favourite leisure activities.
Teacher Chun-Guan
After being awarded Second Upper Honours Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from NUS, he has been serving as a full-time teacher for 14 years in Dimensions International College, BMC, and St. Francis Methodist School. During his free time, he enjoys the company of his children and playing board games. He demonstrates strong passion in his teaching and dedication for his students.
Teacher Faizal
Having taught full-time for 4 years, he is proficient in the Primary and Secondary English curriculum. He received Second Upper Honours Bachelor Degree in Political Science from NUS. He is a loyal supporter of the Manchester United Football Club since he was 9 years old, and also enjoys photography. When it comes to teaching, he customises his coaching methods according to the different needs of his students, allowing them to develop confidence in the subject.
Teacher Lee Shun Lai
He has been teaching full-time for 5 years. After many years of hard work, he attained Second Upper-Class Honours Bachelor Degree in Management from the University of London. Currently, he specialises in Primary Mathematics and Primary Science. As a hardcore gamer, he incorporates his gaming skills into his teaching routine. Just like how gaming involves setting tactics and contingency plans, teaching requires one’s in-depth understanding to be able to handle different questions. Now, who says that time spent on gaming cannot be used in real life?
Teacher Kajendran
With 12 years of experience, he is a qualified full-time teacher who specialises in Primary Mathematics and Science. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Mathematics in UniSIM/SUSS. Being an avid fan of the Esports community, he also enjoys learning new skills in technology-related areas. His strong passion for teaching and interacting with students has helped many to discover the joy of learning.
Teacher Junguang
A veteran teacher with 7 years of teaching experience as a full-time teacher, he attained his Second Upper Honours Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from NUS. Today, he is well-acquainted with Primary Mathematics, Science and Secondary Chemistry. Having participated in competitive archery, he applies the same focused energy and determination into teaching. During his classes, he firmly believes in the ability of his students to excel in the subject and would actively encourage critical thinking.
Teacher Diaz
After receiving his Second Upper Honours Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences from NTU, he became a seasoned full-time tutor for 6 years. Today, he specialises in Primary Science, Lower Secondary Math and Science. Despite being a Science student, he is drawn to the wonders of the fantasy realm. Reading adventure tales and novels, like Lord of the Rings, are his favourite pastime. Using his creative imagination, he makes an effort to create an exciting learning environment that arouses the curiosity of his students.
Teacher Jocelyn
With 7 years of experience as a full-time teacher, she is a trained and experienced teacher who is proficient in Primary Mathematics and Science. She pursued a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry in NUS. Drawing and colouring are her pastimes, contributing to her artistic and creative personality. She always makes a conscientious effort in creating an engaging and positive learning environment for her students.
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Thousands of students in a chain of learning centres use Geniebook. We also work with the best education publishers to enhance and expand our offerings. These partnerships allow us to validate and improve on our methods to help students learn better and better.
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