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How do I generate more worksheets?
There are a few ways to generate worksheets on Geniebook:

1) In the Genie tab,

A. Select up to three topics and click on “GENERATE BASED ON TOPIC(S)” OR
B. Click on “GENIE WORKSHEET” to generate a Genie worksheet based on past mistakes across the multiple topics practiced.

2) In the Worksheet tab, click on the first button to generate a Genie worksheet.

3) In both the Leaderboard and Mistakes tabs, there are buttons to easily generate Genie worksheets as well.
How long does it take for my worksheets to be marked? And how do I know when it’s marked?
It takes about 3 working days for the worksheets to be marked. When the worksheet has been marked, you will receive a notification via the bell icon on the top right of the Geniebook homepage indicating that the worksheet has been marked and you will be able to see your results.
How do I know how much I scored for a worksheet?
You can view the score after it has been marked by referring back to the worksheet. Your score will appear on the bottom right of worksheet in the Geniebook main page.

Find out how you fare against those who have tried out similar worksheets as well as see your score for each topic in a worksheet by simply clicking back into the worksheet and click “Continue”
Who marks the completed worksheets?
We have a team of experienced and dedicated teachers who mark the open-ended questions of a completed worksheet. Our teachers have many years of teaching experience and are well-versed in the latest syllabi from M.O.E.
Why can’t I redo the worksheets that I’ve done before?
We want you to improve by focusing more on your weaknesses. Instead of redoing a worksheet that you’ve done before, you can generate a Genie worksheet based on the same topic(s) and test your knowledge with the new worksheet that targets your weakness based on the previous worksheets done. Of course, you are able to refer to the old worksheet anytime to revise.
How many questions are there in a generated worksheet?
There is no fixed number of questions. Typically, each generated worksheet consists questions that make up a total of 20 marks.
What does the [R] and [G] stand for in the worksheet titles?
[R] Revision worksheets are worksheets generated by selecting up to 3 specific topics you want to practice on while [G] Genie worksheets are worksheets that intelligently compile your mistakes across multiple topics into 1 worksheet.
Can I download and/or print the worksheets to do?
In order to be able to target questions for each child accurately, we would require all answers to be submitted online and thus do not support downloading and/or printing of our worksheets.
Can I bookmark a particular question in a particular worksheet for future reference?
You are unable to bookmark questions. However, you can easily review all your mistakes via the designated Mistakes tab that can be found on the left side of your Geniebook main page. When you’ve understood your error, simply check it in the Mistakes tab.
Are there any reading materials or notes prior to attempting the worksheets?
We do not offer any materials prior to attempting the worksheets. Instead, we expose students to full solutions after they have attempted the questions as a revision tool that they can refer to. The solutions are crafted by our team of dedicated teachers who has many years of experience and is well-versed in the latest syllabi from M.O.E.
I noticed an issue with the question/answer/depth of answer given. Where do I give my feedback?
If you notice any issues with our question image, text or solution, you can send your feedback to us by clicking on the “flag question” at the top right of the question page.
How do I track the progress of my child?
In the Genie tab in your child’s account, you can track the progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You can also log in to your parent account to view your child’s progress as well as generate a Genie worksheet for your child. If you do not know the log in for your parent account, please submit a request to info@geniebook.com
Can the overdue worksheets still be attempted?
Overdue worksheets will be considered as completed and you won't be able to attempt the worksheet anymore.

However, you can re-open the worksheet via our Android or iOS app. Under the completed worksheet list, you can tap the worksheet name you wish to re-open then there will be an option to re-open on the detail page. The other way to re-open is on the worksheet list page itself, click on the triple dots on the top-right corner of each worksheet and choose re-open.

Only worksheets generated by student or assigned by parent can be re-opened.
How do I know how many more worksheets I can generate in one subscription month?
Under the Subscribe tab, the number of worksheets that you are able to generate for that month will be shown.
I’m done with my worksheets for the month. Can I get more worksheets?
If you would like to generate more worksheets within the subscription month, you may do so by purchasing more worksheets under the Get More Worksheets option in the Subscribe tab.
Where do I subscribe?
You can subscribe via the Subscribe tab on the top left corner in the Homepage. You can also subscribe here.
What are the differences between Geniebook Basic and Geniebook Plus?
Both Geniebook Basic and Geniebook Plus offer Teacher Marking and Full Solutions.

Geniebook Basic allows you to generate up to 4 worksheets per month.

Geniebook Plus allows you to generate up to 10 worksheets per month.
How much does a Geniebook subscription cost?
Our Plans are listed here.
Can I invite my friends to Geniebook?
Of course! We have an “Invite” function on Geniebook for you to send to 3 friends via Email. Your friends will skip the waiting list.

The “Invite” button can be found as the envelop button on the top right of your Geniebook main page.
What are the Bubbles for?
Bubbles are a form of motivation to practise more with Geniebook. The more Bubbles you earn, the more and better items you are able to redeem from our Bubbly gifted store!

The easiest way to earn Bubbles is to complete more worksheets. You can also earn Bubbles by challenging other Geniebook users to questions and attempting questions that you have been challenged to.

Access the Bubbly gifted store by clicking on the Bubbles icon on the top right of the Geniebook main page.
How do I access Geniebook on the iPad?
You can download the Geniebook app via the App Store or simply assess Geniebook via your web browser at www.geniebook.com/login

Geniebook is optimized for iPad.
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