Improve quickly with
personalised questions.
Students learn more efficiently with our unique technology. In fact,
81.72% of our students improve within 3 months.
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Results are Better
with Geniebook.
Every child will learn at their own pace and practise questions
suited to their capability. Geniebook’s unique technology
learns about their strengths and weaknesses as they practise
and assigns them questions that are targeted to their profile.
Geniebook is able to quickly generate questions that is
focused on a child’s profile.
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Answers are Marked
with Geniebook.
Our experienced teachers correct and effectively
highlight mistakes on your child’s answers. Solutions
for every question are carefully worked out to help
students learn in their own time. Our teachers have a
strong knowledge on their key subject. During our
hiring process, teachers are assessed by a written
test compiled from the hardest questions around.
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Revision is Simpler
with Geniebook.
Geniebook sets a revision cycle for all students. All
mistakes made in each revision cycle are
consolidated for students to easily access. Students
are also encouraged to practice related questions
after reviewing all the mistakes made in the most
recent revision cycle.
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