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Our Teachers have a strong knowledge on their key subject. During our hiring process,
teachers are assessed by a written test compiled from the hardest questions using our
records of more than 1,000,000 attempts in Geniebook.

Our Teachers have a strong knowledge on
their key subject. During our hiring process,
teachers are assessed by a written test
compiled from the hardest questions using
our records of more than 1,000,000
attempts in Geniebook.


5 years of full-time teaching
7 years of part-time teaching
Second Class (Upper) Honours Degree in Applied Mathematics attained from the National University of Singapore

Published a paper on Eccentric Digraphs in FYP
Achieved top in the cohort for Math Special Paper and Book Prize.

Subjects taught: Primary Math, Secondary E-Math, A Math and JC Math.

Teachers have their limitations which restrict themselves the number of students that they could help. To extend the assistance to more students in achieving in their academic aspects, with the advancement in technology, we are able to open more doors for the teachers to conduct their lessons more effectively and efficiently.With the hassle free platform, students can access and learn independently without going through the troubles of finding resources to study.

With a system that can remember all your attempts and tell the areas that you need to focus on, learning couldn’t be much better than ever. With the presence of a teacher, the child can maximise the most out of the learning journey.
Technology is the door to knowledge and knowledge is the key to learning in education.


10 years of full-time teaching
Self- directed, enthusiastic educator with a passionate commitment to student development and learning experience. more

Skilled in the design of challenging, enriching and innovation activities that address the diverse interests and needs of students.

Subject taught: Primary Math

Teaching Philosophy
I believe it’s critical to find out how each child can learn the best, how they can achieve the best grades. With those in mind, my objective is to guide their thinking process step-by-step. It is also important to provide clear and consistent directions to keep the class focused and on track. We have to account for the differing ability of individual students and adapting their lessons accordingly. We must also give praise to boost children’s self-confidence, and use unique teaching strategies to engage the children. The key to helping students is to be committed to making a real difference to the future of the children.

Education does not stop at the end of a lesson because students can assess to assessments via these resources at any time.
Most parents have hectic schedules and technology can help by allowing them to assess to their children assignment anytime and anywhere.

Technology can give teachers and children great resources and ways of learning and most important save money
Technology can help to engage students better; they will feel more interested in the subject rather than just merely learning from the boring whiteboard.


3 years of full-time experience
Second Class (Upper) Honours Degree in Biological Sciences from the Nanyang Technological University more

Achievement: Bronze Medalist International Biology Olympiad 2005, Beijing.
Subject taught: Primary and Lower Secondary Science

Teaching Philosophy
Education is the foundation of human life. Life progresses well if one is better educated. Thus, I need to make sure that every student is well-educated and prepared for the future.

Technology could cut down time required to improve on weaknesses. It could also give us access to many sources of knowledge


4 years full-time teacher
Second Class (Upper) Honours Degree in Science (Chemistry) from the National University of Singapore (NUS) more

Subjects taught: Primary Maths and Science, and also Chemistry (Pure and Combined)

Teaching Philosophy
I believe that students learn best when the teacher treats them as active participants in the learning process and provides them with skills on how to study or express themselves effectively.
I am someone who is patient and takes on a caring approach, to listen to the students’ needs and to allow the students to learn in a relaxed, fun yet studious environment.

Technology, when used appropriately, can greatly enhance a student’s capacity to learn and the teacher’s ability to teach and motivate. Students and teachers likewise can have access to an expanse of materials online.

Particularly in this time and age, when technology is so prevalent, it can help shift the direction away from doing mundane homework on a hardcopy worksheet to practising questions on the internet on the go. It is like having a personal coach with you anytime and anywhere you are.


10 years of full-time experience
Degree and major NIE Diploma in Education more

Subject taught: English, Math and Science (Primary)

Teaching Philosophy
Working hand in hand with stakeholders mainly parents in ensuring that the child loves learning and shows enthusiasm towards learning, achieving results (students who have improved, with testimonials from parents)

I believe in my students, in their ability. I believe in their creativity. I believe in their intelligence. I believe in their dedication to the things they believe in. I believe in their energy. I believe in their innocence, even when they try to act more worldly than they are. I believe in their insight. I believe in their ability to overcome obstacles in their lives that would make many of us want to give up. I firmly believe that every child is equal and should be given a chance to strive in life, be it if the child is not academically strong. I as a teacher is here to guide them along, in the hopes that they are successful in future.

The use of Technology in Education supplements the pen and paper in schools as Examinations are still carried out, using paper. Exposing a child to Technology with proper guidance from both the parents and the teachers can benefit the child. Compared to reading the encyclopaedia, we can find information at the click of a button.

Yee Chong

12 years of teaching experience
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from the National University of Singapore more

Subject taught: Math (Primary and Secondary)

Teaching Philosophy
21st century core competency: learn, unlearn, relearn.
Technology is a tool to learning. It is only as effective as the person who uses it well.


8 years of full-time experience
Degree and major Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech), Biotechnology. more

Subject taught: English (Primary and Secondary), Math and Science (Primary One to Four)

Teaching Philosophy
Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.” One can become successful in his education once he has the desire for learning new things without any reservations. As an educator, I believe in motivating and inspiring students to have that burning interest in gaining knowledge. It is also the responsibility of the teacher to find the unique talent of each and every child so that they can pursue their strengths.

“Keep doing what you are good at until you become an expert. Keep doing more of what you are not so good at until you become good at it.”

In today’s day and age, technology undoubtedly plays a vital role in education. It helps the teachers to work efficiently in inculcating knowledge to the students. It definitely doesn’t replace the teacher but it works as a teacher’s assistant to make the work load easy, fast and efficient.


10 years of teaching experience

Subject taught: English (Primary and Secondary)

Teaching Philosophy
Having a good education will never guarantee immense financial success but it will most surely get you away from the drudges of a mediocre life. A good education will garner you respect and admiration of contemporaries, peers, elders and even the fledglings. You will have the tools to make changes for the betterment of society at large. Most importantly you will be equipped to help the less educated to become more educated. Education is priceless yet attainable. Everything else are mere details.

The advent and ongoing expanse of technology, whether it be the World Wide Web (i.e. Internet), social media platforms, ‘smart’ hardware and software, has made our lives more convenient. Where education is concerned the complementary nature of technology and classroom pedagogy, has made teaching and learning more effective. Students in the current day and age are enthralled and so competent in the use of technology, so it is prudent to leverage on this and optimize the transference of knowledge via technology. The tablet, PC, educational games and education centric software and applications (i.e. Geniebook, Explain Everything), will most surely enhance not only the teaching but also the learning. Technology is the adhesive for the teacher and the student.

Yuan Lin

10 years of full-time experience
Degree and major Bachelors in Economics (Honours) more

Subject taught: Math and Science (Primary)

Teaching Philosophy
Education liberates and empowers. With the right values, it is the most powerful tool you can equip a person with.

Technology aids the progression towards a more student centric learning approach, information is easily within reach, illustrations can be made animated and interactive, engages the tech-savvy generation. With technology, there’s no limitation on the ways one can learn a concept and that brings new meaning to the education process.

10 years of teaching experience

Subject taught: English (Primary and Secondary)

Teaching Philosophy

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