Secondary 3 E-Maths

The syllabus introduces students to an expanded range of concepts. For example, instead of simply identifying properties of similar triangles and polygons like in Secondary 2, students will learn about the properties and construction of perpendicular bisectors of segments and angle bisectors under the topic of congruence and similarity. As for new topics, students are introduced to the properties of circles and coordinate geometry, and more.

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List of Topics
Resources - Academic Topics
Primary 1
Primary 2
Primary 3
Primary 4
Primary 5
Primary 6
Secondary 1
Secondary 2
Secondary 3
+ More
+ More
Further Trigonometry
Quadratic Equations And Functions
Linear Inequalities
Laws Of Indices
Coordinate Geometry
Graphs Of Functions And Graphical Solution
Applications Of Trigonometry
+ More
+ More
+ More
Secondary 4
+ More
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