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3 Creative writing prompts to help your child develop strong writing skills

3 Creative writing prompts to help your child develop strong writing skills

In hindsight, all else seems better than what you wrote on that exam paper. We beat ourselves up afterwards by wondering why we didn’t think of writing or saying something else instead. Writing is no easy feat, and this is evident in our daily lives.

How can you then spur your child to write creatively without being confined to typical plots and storylines that teachers have read countless times about? You can begin with these 3 creative writing prompts that can help improve your child's English and make them fall in love with writing all over again!

4 to 1 Exercise

Ask your child to come up with 4 different things based on the prompts below. They can get as random or creative as they like!

  1. A light source e.g. torchlight, sunlight
  2. An item e.g. bread, bag
  3. A sound using onomatopoeia e.g. boing, crunch
  4. A place e.g. zoo, apothecary

Once your child has come up with the list, have them write a short story that includes all 4 things that revolve around one single protagonist. You will be surprised at what kind of interesting stories they can churn out!

3 Questions

Write as much or as little as you want with these 3 questions. Remind your child that they need not think too much about the answers - instead, they should try to expand the very first thoughts that come to their mind when they see the questions below.

  1. Who just snuck out the back window?
  2. What were they carrying?
  3. Where were they going?

After this, you can choose to ask your child to combine their answers into a simple short story just to see what narratives they can come up with. Let them know there’s no story that’s too exaggerating or silly!

Lyrical Genius

What are some of your child’s favourite songs? Ask them to list them down and write out what they think are the best lines in those songs. Use these lyrics to weave a conversation between two or more characters in a story.

Try these creative writing prompts out today and see the difference in your child’s works!

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