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Secondary 4 Physics

The secondary 4 Physics syllabus focuses on helping students sharpen their analytical skills and understanding of scientific concepts in preparation for O-level examination. On top of that, students can also expect to learn about topics such as the current of electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism, DC circuits, sound, and so on.

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List of Topics
Static Electricity
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Electromagnetic Induction
D.C. Circuits
Current Electricity
Practical Electricity
Electromagnetic Spectrum

Strategies For Teaching Secondary 4 Physics

Put everything on paper

The best way to understand complex physics concepts is by putting them down on a piece of paper. As questions often involve numbers and calculations, sketching them out into diagrams can be helpful. For instance, topics such as vectors and projectiles, kinematics, as well as Newton’s law of Motion and Circular Motion become much easier to understand with the help of simple sketches and diagrams.

Feed your mind interesting physics facts

Studying physics need not be boring. Our minds are ever surprised by strange and fascinating things, and websites such as know it. After hours of back-to-back study sessions, some mindblowing and educational physics facts might just be the treat you need to keep going. Also, discover how the gravitational force of different planets affects how high you can jump, as well as the colour-changing power of heat.

How to make learning Secondary 4 Physics fun?

Similar to mathematics, physics is a subject that often rattles students who don’t enjoy numbers. While there may be many formulas and facts to remember, there are a variety of ways in which students can still enjoy the learning process. For starters, Youtube is a treasure trove of interesting shows that can help expand one’s understanding. Channels such as CrashCourse Physics seek to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-digest format. Each episode is a 10-minute crash course on a particular topic. Anything from Newtonian Gravity to Thermodynamics, you name it, they’ve covered it. For students who love a chuckle every now and then, be sure to check out the award-winning science comedy, The Big Bang Theory.

Common challenges when teaching Secondary 4 Physics

Upon progressing to Secondary 4, it’s not uncommon for both students and parents to experience a greater level of stress. In some cases, students may see a slight decline in their grades. Coupled with the sudden increase in difficulty that comes with the introduction of advanced topics, tackling Secondary 4 Physics can be a daunting task for both parents and students. Besides being a content-heavy subject, physics is best taught with experiments and demonstrations, which may be difficult to conduct without the proper equipment and resources. Lastly, due to the mathematical nature of the subject, students who do not enjoy mathematics may struggle to stay interested.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What topics are covered in the Upper Secondary Pure Physics syllabus?

The Upper Secondary Pure Physics syllabus covers a total of 20 topics organised into 6 main sections.


Physical Quantities, Units and Measurements

Newtonian Mechanics

Kinematics, Dynamics, Turning Effects of Forces, Pressure, Energy

Thermal Physics

Kinetic Particle Model of Matter, Thermal Processes, Thermal Properties of Matter


General Wave Properties, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Light

Electricity and Magnetism

Static Electricity, Current of Electricity, D.C. Circuits, Practical Electricity, Magnetism, Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction



What are the resources available to help students prepare for GCE O-Level Physics exam?

There are a wide variety of resources for you to choose from when it comes to preparing students for the GCE O-Level Physics exam. Practice exam papers, assessment books, youtube videos, and educational game sites are all great choices for learning outside of the classroom. If you’re looking to excel in Physics from the comfort of your home, check out Geniebook’s suite of powerful AI learning tools. With personalised smart worksheets based on every student’s unique learning needs, to weekly MOE-aligned classes accessible via tablet/laptop, Geniebook has everything they need to improve confidently leading up to the big day.

What are the objectives of the Upper Secondary Physics syllabus?

The objectives of the Upper Secondary Physics syllabus are as follows:

  • Help students appreciate practical applications of physics in the real world
  • Help students to deepen their interest in physics for future learning and work
  • Help students become scientifically literate
  • Help students to appreciate how basic principles and disciplinary ideas can be applied to solve problems in the real world

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