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GCE A-Level

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is GCE A-Level in Singapore?

GCE A-Level stands for General Certificate of Education Advanced Level. It is an academic qualification taken by students in Singapore after completing their secondary education. The A-Level examinations are typically taken by students aged 17 to 19 and are an important step towards university admissions.

How many subjects do students take in GCE A-Level?

In Singapore, students typically take three H2 (Higher 2) and one H1 (Higher 1) subject combination for GCE A-Level. H2 subjects are more in-depth and demanding, while H1 subjects are slightly less intensive. Students may also take contrasting subjects or subjects from different streams to fulfill the requirements.

When are the GCE A-Level examinations held?

The GCE A-Level examinations in Singapore are usually held from May to December each year. Students will undergo two years of Junior College before sitting for these exams. The results are typically released in February or March of the following year.

How are GCE A-Level grades calculated?

Grades are calculated by adding the total marks secured by a student in various subjects. Marks secured in H1 and H2 are graded between A to U. Now each grade, in H1 and H2, is allotted rank points from 0 to 90, the latter being the highest possible score.

Can GCE A-Level results be used for university admissions abroad?

Yes, GCE A-Level results are recognised internationally and can be used for university admissions abroad. Many universities around the world, including those in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States, accept GCE A-Level qualifications as part of their admission criteria. However, it is essential to check the specific entry requirements of the universities you are interested in to ensure they accept A-Level qualifications.

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