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Preparing for the AEIS exam: A comprehensive guide

Preparing for the AEIS exam: A comprehensive guide

In an increasingly interconnected world, pursuing an education abroad is a dream for many students. For international students eyeing Singapore as their educational destination, taking the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is a crucial step.

In this article, we will delve into the details of AEIS, providing insights and guidance to help aspiring students navigate this process successfully.

How to prepare for AEIS?

One of the key steps in preparing for AEIS is to familiarise yourself with the eligibility criteria. The Ministry of Education (MOE) has laid out specific criteria and guidelines for applicants, such as age limits, language proficiency requirements and prescribed documents that must be submitted alongside your application form. You can read more about the eligibility criteria and guidelines in this blog post.

Once you have established the criteria and understood the application process, it’s time to start preparing for the exam.

Understanding the syllabus

If your child is attempting to gain admission in a primary class through AEIS, they should have a good understanding of the Maths topics that are typically taught in Singapore public schools at the grade level just before the one they are applying for.

So, if your child aims to gain admission to Primary 3, they should be well-acquainted with the material covered in Primary 2.

However, if your child wants to get into a secondary school, they should be proficient in English and Math topics typically taught in Singapore public schools at the grade just before the one they want to gain admission in.

For example, if your child hopes to secure a place in Secondary 3, they should be proficient in the content taught in Secondary 2.

At Geniebook, we have free notes for all levels, which your child can use to get acquainted with the syllabus. 

Key information to keep in mind before the AEIS exam day

#1 Learn about the test format and topics

Before the AEIS exam, it is important to help your child become familiar with the test format and topics they will be tested on. It is beneficial for them to understand the structure of questions they will face on the test day, as well as any potential areas of focus that could be included in the exam. Make use of our free notes to help your child get a better grasp of what to expect in their upcoming exam.

By understanding the material that is usually taught in Singapore public schools at their desired admission level, parents can provide effective guidance for their children.

#2 Start preparing at least a year early

To maximise the chances of success on the AEIS exam, it is recommended to start preparing at least one year in advance. This gives your child enough time to get used to the test format and topics, as well as to strengthen their academic foundation. Try giving your child additional practice questions and exercises that will help them become accustomed to the AEIS exam's style of questioning. You can also join discussion forums or find a study buddy who can provide helpful advice and support during your child's preparations.

#3 Improve English language skills

Since the AEIS exams are in English, your child needs to be proficient in the language to comprehend the questions. Insufficient English skills can lead to incorrect answers. Encourage your child to use English more at home.

#4 Prepare everything in advance

It is important to make sure your child is mentally and physically prepared for the exams. They should get a good night's sleep and have a healthy meal before each exam day. Allocating extra time to revise beforehand will also help them familiarise themselves more with the topics and questions that will be appearing on the paper, allowing them to be more confident when attempting them. Encourage your child to stay positive and calm throughout their exams as it will help them focus better while tackling any difficult questions that come their way.

Additionally, ensure you have all the necessary documents ready at least a week before the exam. Your child must bring their original passport and a copy of their SEAB-issued admit card. Make sure they have the right stationery, including an eraser and pencil for shading answers on the Optical Answer Sheet (OAS). Note that calculators are not allowed during the Mathematics test. Your child should arrive on time, following the reporting time on their entry proof.

Useful advice for exam day success

#1 Manage time wisely

During the AEIS exams, it's important for your child to manage their time wisely. Your child needs to read and understand the questions carefully before attempting to answer them. Encouraging them to pace themselves and not rush through each question will help ensure that they can finish on time. It is also important for them to check the answers they have written as having time left over at the end of the exam allows them to go through their answers one last time and make any necessary changes or amendments.

#2 Don’t rush when answering questions and revise properly

In addition to managing their time wisely, your child should also avoid rushing through the questions when answering them. Careful and thoughtful answers will help ensure accuracy and better chances of getting the right answer. Once they have finished answering the questions, it is important for them to revise all their work before handing in the exam papers. This helps to double-check any errors they might have made during their original attempt as well as to look for any points that they may have missed.

To conclude, while preparing for the AEIS exams may pose challenges, you and your child don't have to tackle it alone. Geniebook offers a helping hand, providing access to engaging teachers and AI tools designed to make the journey towards mastering the local curriculum an enjoyable and effective one.

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