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Secondary 3 E-Maths

The secondary 3 E-Maths syllabus introduces students to an expanded range of concepts. For example, instead of simply identifying properties of similar triangles and polygons like in Secondary 2, students will learn about the properties and construction of perpendicular bisectors of segments and angle bisectors under the topic of congruence and similarity. As for new topics, students are introduced to the properties of circles and coordinate geometry, and more.

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List of Topics
Graphs Of Functions And Graphical Solution
Applications Of Trigonometry
Further Trigonometry
Coordinate Geometry
Laws Of Indices
Quadratic Equations And Functions
Solving Quadratic Equations Algebraically
Linear Inequalities

Strategies for teaching Secondary 3 E-Maths

Become a podcast/video host

To speak on any subject with confidence, you first have to be a master. By encouraging your child to create math videos or be the host of their own podcast, you provide the fuel that sets their desire to learn on fire. For starters, get them to create videos explaining how to solve complex algebraic questions or have a podcast where they share the best study hacks.

Get excited with maths games

Combining learning and games is the surest way to get students motivated to learn. Grab a deck of poker cards and check out these cool maths card games we’ve put together. From Fastest Fractions to Race to 100, prepare for a fun-filled time of learning.

How to make learning Secondary 3 E-Maths fun?

Past-year papers and assessment books are not the only options paving the road to maths mastery. When it comes to students who struggle to find joy in numbers, throwing in a few fun activities is a great way to get excited. For the tech-savvy student, fire up their screen time by exploring how mathematical concepts collide with the real world with NASA’s math series. For students who prefer a more tactile approach, consider setting aside one night a week for Math Board game night! Check out board games such as Real World Math, Prime Climb, and Proof!, which were created by teachers and highly praised by parents worldwide.

Common challenges when teaching Secondary 3 E-Maths

Teaching Secondary 3 E-Maths at home can pose some challenges for parents. One of the main challenges is finding the time to teach and monitor students’ progress while juggling work and personal responsibilities. Another challenge is the difficulty in explaining complex mathematical concepts and formulas that may be unfamiliar to parents who may not have studied maths for many years. Unlike primary school or lower secondary level, secondary 3 e-maths require parents to devote a significant amount of time and effort to understanding the syllabus. Additionally, parents may struggle to keep their child motivated and engaged in their learning, especially if they are finding the material challenging or uninteresting. Last but not least, parents may not have access to the same resources and tools as teachers, which can make it challenging to provide comprehensive support and feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the learning objectives of Secondary 3 E-Maths?

The learning objectives of Secondary 3 E-Maths are to enhance students' mathematical fluency, logical reasoning skills, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking. The syllabus aims to develop a solid foundation in mathematics by focusing on fundamental concepts like algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Students will learn to apply mathematical concepts to real-life scenarios and see the relevance and importance of mathematics in their daily lives. These skills are essential for success in mathematics, but also valuable in many other areas of study and in everyday life.

What’s the difference between Secondary 3 E-Maths and A-Maths?

In a nutshell, the key difference between the two subjects lies in the level of difficulty and complexity of the topics covered. E-Maths, also known as Elementary Maths, is a compulsory subject for all secondary 3 students. The syllabus provides students with a foundational understanding of the three key disciplines: Numbers & Algebra, Geometry & Measurement, and Statistics and Probability. On the other hand, A-Maths, also known as Additional Maths, is an optional subject that covers an array of advanced concepts that require a higher level of logical reasoning skills and algebraic mastery.

What are the resources available to help students learn Secondary 3 E-Maths?

When it comes to secondary 3 E-Maths, there are plenty of options for parents and students to choose from. Practice exam papers, assessment books, youtube videos, and educational game sites are all great choices for learning outside of the classroom.

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution to boost your child’s mathematical mastery, check out Geniebook’s suite of powerful AI learning tools. With personalised smart worksheets based on your child’s learning needs, to weekly MOE-aligned classes accessible via tablet/laptop, Geniebook gives your child everything they need to improve confidently from home.

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