Primary 1 Maths

The syllabus can be broadly divided into 3 categories: Numbers and Algebra, Measurements and Geometry, and Statistics. Each category consists of topics and concepts designed to help students develop their thinking, reasoning, and communication skills through a mathematical approach to problem-solving. Students will learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, as well as shapes, length, time, and more.

List of Topics
Academic Topics
Primary 1
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Numbers To 10
Picture Graphs 1
Shapes 1
Ordinal Numbers
Subtraction Within 20
Addition Within 10
Addition And Subtraction Within 10
Numbers To 20
Addition Within 20
Numbers To 100
Addition Within 100
+ More
Primary 2
Primary 3
Primary 4
Primary 5
Primary 6
Secondary 1
Secondary 2
Secondary 3
Secondary 4
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