5 free study tools to stay organised and stress-free for A-level

There is a deluge of free and paid apps that can help you minimise distractions, aid in better concentration while studying

The academic life of a student is a whirlwind of activities – assignments, group projects, essays, research and stressful examinations. This is especially true if you are appearing for your Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) exams this year. But hey, don’t get bogged down by the extensiveness of the syllabus just yet.

We have a few tips that can help you tide over the mammoth task ahead. Thanks to the ever-advancing technology, several study tools can aid you to be organised and stress-free to face the A-level examinations. Come with us as we take you down the wondrous path of technologically-enhanced study tools, that push you to be a better shade of yourself, academically.

Take a Note 

Digital note-taking apps are an amazing addition to your study tool. Many such apps come with a subscription fee but Microsoft OneNote is free and it helps you keep track of all your written study material. You can access this from any device, when you want, wherever you are. Another note-taking app that deserves a mention is Evernote. This is more versatile as any format can be uploaded here like scanned legible handwritten notes, text notes, audio clips, websites etc. It also automatically sorts out hurriedly uploaded images by reading, processing and categorising it. So if you were to look for it later using search words, the image will show up. However, these features are available for paid subscribers only. You can also try Google Keep, free up to 15 kb, to write short notes and reminders. This app integrates with other Google features and can help you send timely reminders.

The ‘Do not disturb’ app

Studying requires concentration, and we all know that even the slightest distraction of a notification alert can pull you away for more time than intended. The answer to putting an end to such distractions is getting productivity apps. Paid app Freedom blocks distracting websites, including popular social media apps so that you do not spend time browsing or scrolling from one reel to another unmindful of the time spent on it. Studies suggest that 47 percent of your productivity is hindered by aimless surfing/scrolling. Another such application is Mindful Browsing which is free and pushes you to exercise control over online browsing. Here, you would be asked if you wish to browse through the website. If you choose ‘yes, for 10 minutes’, a message will flash on your screen 10 minutes later reminding you that the time is up along with a reminder of your pending work. 

Grammarly speaking

Forming correct sentences and writing proper essays with a beginning, a middle and an end is crucial for your exams as all papers are in the English language. If you have mastery over your written language other things like answering analytical questions and being able to compare and reason in written tests become easy. Installing apps that correct your language like Grammarly goes a long way in sorting out language qualms. While the advanced usage is a paid one, Grammarly lets you use its basic app throughout Word, emails etc.

Online help

The world has shrunk due to the internet. Wherever you are, you can access the best coaching from the comforts of your home. You get the best teachers there are in the industry, class timings that suit you, total revision of the syllabus, and timely mock tests that let you know where you stand and how much more ground you need to cover academically. Geniebook is one such Edtech company that deals with a cross-section of national-level exams. 

Lo-fi to the rescue

Lo-fi, which means Low-frequency music, is catching on amongst the younger crowd. With so much exposure happening around them, today’s youngsters tend to get easily distracted during their A-level studies. What better way than Lo-fi music to enhance their concentration and memory? Created in staccato hip-hop or retro style, research proves that Lo-fi music soothes the frayed nerves of young students and comforts them. It also leads to a better grasp of the concept. Does that sound like music to your ears?!

It is not necessary that you rush to enroll in every study app there is. Take a calculated decision on which areas you need some assistance in. It could be as simple as a reminder to take a break, or an app that will sort out all your notes. Trust yourself as you are your best judge. 

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5 free study tools to stay organised and stress-free for A-level
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