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Improve your child's writing every day with this fun game

Improve your child's writing every day with this fun game

As parents, we all want the best for our children, especially when it comes to their education. One crucial skill that every child needs to develop is writing. But how can we make the process enjoyable and effective? 

In this article, we will delve into an exciting approach: improving your child's writing every day with a fun game. 

The power of engaging games

Fun and learning combined

Children are naturally drawn to games and play. When we incorporate educational elements into games, the learning process becomes enjoyable and effective. This fusion of fun and learning is the key to improving your child's writing skills.

Building vocabulary

One of the essential aspects of writing is a rich vocabulary. With this game, your child will encounter new words and phrases regularly, expanding their language skills effortlessly.

Boosting creativity

Writing is not just about grammar and structure; it's also about creativity. This game encourages your child to think outside the box, fostering their imagination and storytelling abilities.

Playing the creative writing game

Game name

Write World Adventures


In this game, your child will embark on exciting adventures where they can use their imagination to create stories, characters, and worlds.

Materials needed

  • Paper and coloured pencils or markers
  • A computer or tablet with internet access (optional)
  • A notebook or journal for story ideas

How to play

  • Story starters: Provide your child with a list of story starters or prompts to get their creative juices flowing. At the end of this article, you'll find 51 creative writing story ideas to get you started. Nudge them to create captivating and one-of-a-kind stories by letting their imagination run freely. If your child has trouble making up stories by themselves at first, you can suggest that both of you create stories together. It's a fun way to bond and boost their confidence, and soon they'll be writing their own stories.
  • Character creation: Encourage your child to invent unique characters for their stories. They can draw or describe the characters in their notebook. Provide prompts with characters who are unlike them in terms of gender, age, or life experiences. This will help spark their creativity.
  • Setting exploration: Have your child imagine different settings for their stories, like a hidden cave, a bustling city, or a distant planet. Let them draw or write about these settings.
  • Storytelling adventures: Each day, give your child a writing challenge. It could be to write a short story, a poem, or a journal entry from the perspective of one of their characters.
  • Sharing stories: After your child finishes their writing, ask them to share it with you. Discuss what they wrote and offer positive feedback.
  • Rewards: Celebrate your child's creativity with small rewards or praise. Consider creating a "WriteWorld Adventures" certificate for completing writing challenges.

Remember, the goal is to make writing fun and engaging for your child. Encourage their creativity and let their imagination soar as they embark on exciting writing adventures at home.

Creative writing: 51 Story starter prompts

1. Once upon a time, in a magical forest, there lived a talking squirrel named Sparkle.
2. In a land where magic was real, a young wizard discovered a hidden spell book.
3. On a rainy afternoon, a talking umbrella appeared on my doorstep.
4. In a futuristic city, robots started to develop human emotions.
5. A brave astronaut found an ancient alien artefact on a distant planet.
6. Once upon a time, a mischievous dragon decided to become a firefighter.
7. In a small village, a mysterious door appeared in the middle of the forest.
8. A young detective received a letter from a famous art thief challenging them to a duel.
9. On a camping trip, a group of friends stumbled upon a hidden treasure map.
10. In a world of endless winter, a girl with the power to control ice discovered a secret about her past.
11. A talking cat led a young boy on an unexpected adventure.
12. In a haunted mansion, a group of kids encountered friendly ghosts.
13. A time-travelling scientist accidentally swapped places with her future self.
14. On a deserted island, a castaway discovered a bottle with a message from a stranded astronaut.
15. In a world where animals could speak, a wise old owl had a prophecy to share.
16. A superhero lost his powers and had to find a new way to save the city.
17. A young chef stumbled upon a magical cookbook with recipes that came to life.
18. In a world of floating islands, an airship captain discovered a hidden civilisation.
19. A brave knight found a talking sword with a mind of its own.
20. In a sleepy town, a series of mysterious disappearances led to an unexpected hero.
21. A group of friends found a hidden cave filled with ancient treasures and a puzzling riddle.
22. In a bustling metropolis, a stray cat had a secret life as a ninja.
23. A time machine malfunctioned, sending a group of kids to the age of dinosaurs.
24. In a land of giants, a tiny mouse had to outsmart them to save his family.
25. A young inventor created a machine that could bring toys to life.
26. In a world of dreams, a girl discovered she had the power to control her own nightmares.
27. A pirate captain found a map to a legendary underwater city.
28. In a world without colour, a young artist discovered a way to bring it back.
29. A group of kids uncovered a hidden portal to a land of mythical creatures.
30. In a kingdom of talking animals, a brave squirrel sets out on a quest to rescue the missing king.
31. An archaeologist unearthed a cursed artefact that brought ancient legends to life.
32. In a magical forest, a young witch befriended a mischievous talking raccoon.
33. A scientist accidentally shrunk themselves and had to navigate the challenges of a miniature world.
34. In a world of floating islands, an explorer discovered a lost civilisation in the clouds.
35. A group of friends found a mysterious board game that transported them to a fantasy realm.
36. In a library of ancient books, a librarian stumbled upon a tome with the power to rewrite reality.
37. A young musician discovered a flute that could control the weather.
38. In a world of an endless night, a group of kids embarked on a quest to find the last source of sunlight.
39. An alien spaceship crash-landed in a suburban backyard, leading to an unexpected friendship.
40. In a land of talking animals, a clever fox had to outwit a tricky wolf.
41. A young scientist accidentally created a portal to a parallel universe.
42. In a world where everyone had a unique superpower, a girl with no powers had to save the day.
43. A group of explorers stumbled upon a hidden city in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.
44. In a futuristic city, a hacker discovered a secret government conspiracy.
45. A young knight-in-training found a mysterious amulet with the power to control time.
46. In a world of sentient plants, a gardener had to save her garden from an invasive species.
47. An aspiring astronaut built a rocket in their backyard and launched it into space.
48. In a realm of floating islands, a mapmaker had to find the legendary Sky Crystal.
49. A group of friends found an ancient diary that revealed the secrets of a long-lost civilisation.
50. In a world of talking animals, a detective sloth had to solve a fast-paced mystery.
51. A brave explorer ventured into a haunted cave to uncover its secrets.

These story starters should provide plenty of inspiration for your child's creative writing adventures!

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