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Teacher Profile
Xavier Yue
Head of Curriculum
Part-Time Magician
Armed with an Honours Degree in Applied Mathematics from NUS, Xavier pursued a career in teaching. Specialising in Mathematics from Primary School to JC, Xavier shares his love of the subject with his students through his animated and bubbly persona. In his 16 years of teaching, students often laud his lessons for being insightful and enriching. As the Head of Curriculum at Geniebook, he continually ensures that our platform provides students with a rewarding experience. Xavier loves performing and learning magic in his free time and will sometimes treat his students to a trick or two.
Teacher Profile
Jocelyn Chua
Primary Maths & Science
Queen of Doodles
With an NUS Degree in Chemistry, Jocelyn imparts invaluable knowledge to her Primary Mathematics and Science classes. With close to 10 years of teaching experience, this bubbly and soft-spoken teacher conducts colourful classes that leave her students engaged and in awe. Her love for drawing and colouring bring her lessons to life as she illustrates the theories and formulas to help her students remember. Science and Mathematics lessons are never dull when students partake in her classes.
Teacher Profile
Kajendran Soundrasoondra
Primary Maths and Secondary E. Maths & A. Maths
Dedicated Gamer
Kajendran is a highly experienced teacher and an avid E-Sports enthusiast. Counting 12 years of teaching experience and a Bachelor in Mathematics from UniSIM/SUSS in his resume, he brings a deep knowledge of Mathematics and Science. Always in pursuit of self-improvement, Kajendran enjoys learning new tech-related skills to keep him abreast of new developments. With his passion for teaching and engaging enthusiasm, his students are always discovering the joys of learning.
Teacher Profile
Julius Koh
Primary Maths
Enthusiastic Nurturer
Upon graduating from the University of London with an Honours degree in Business, Julius defied the social norm and dove into teaching as a career for 6 years and running. He believes that the next generation of children are leaders of today and not tomorrow. With that focus, Julius engages the students and challenges them to think critically. He enjoys teaching Primary and Secondary Mathematics as much as he enjoys reading and playing sports.
Teacher Profile
Emily Lee
Primary Maths
High Achieving Champion
10 years of teaching experience has taught Emily that the way to get the students’ attention is by way of making the lessons enjoyable and meaningful. As a University of London Honours graduate in Banking & Finance, Emily is a whiz when it comes to numbers, and she shares this passion with her students in her Mathematics classes. Her drive to motivate students is what made her embark on the noble profession; her enthusiasm is why she received the Staff Excellence Award in 2018.
Teacher Profile
Yen Junguang
Primary Maths, Science & Secondary Chemistry
Ardent Archer
Junguang is an accomplished Primary Mathematics, Science and Secondary Chemistry teacher. He attained his Honours Degree in Chemistry from NUS and with over 7 years as a full-time teacher, his knowledge and experience prove invaluable to his students. His classes always invite critical thinking as he firmly believes that his students are capable of excelling. An ardent archer, Junguang approaches teaching the same way he does archery, with focus and determination.
Teacher Profile
Jerlyyn Tay
Primary Science
Mother of Cats
Jerlyyn has been teaching Primary Science, Primary Mathematics and Lower Secondary Science for over 6 years. She holds an Honours Degree in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry from NTU and is never tight-fisted when it comes to sharing her knowledge. A naturally nurturing person with a perky attitude, she brings her infectious high-energy and enthusiasm to all her classes. Her love for teaching is evident in her interactions with her students. A naturally nurturing person, she cares for her students with the same passion she shows her 5 cats at home.
Teacher Profile
Lee Shun Lai
Primary Science
Gaming Enthusiast
Shun Lai received his Honours Degree in Management from the University of London. He has been honing his teaching skills for close to a decade, and he specialises in teaching Primary Mathematics and Primary Science. Being a self-professed gamer, his approach to teaching delves into his gaming skills. Shun Lai believes that just like gaming, teaching requires a game-plan that needs to be tactical to achieve victory. He cleverly references game strategies to his lesson plans to keep the students enthralled.
Teacher Profile
Diaz Utama
Primary & Secondary Science
Lord of Fantasy
Upon being awarded his Honours Degree in Biological Sciences from NTU, Diaz pursued a career as a teacher for 6 years. He discovered his passion for teaching and decided to join Geniebook in the hope to spread his knowledge to more inquisitive minds. His forte is in Primary Science, Lower Secondary Maths and Science. Although a man of Science, Diaz is fascinated with the world of fantasy. An avid reader of the fantasy genre, he intertwines whimsy and adventure into his lessons to arouse his students’ love of the subject.
Teacher Profile
Teo Chun Guan
Secondary Physics & E. Maths
Expert in Elements
Awarded with an Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering from NUS, Chun Guan served as a full-time teacher for over 14 years. The repertoire of schools he has taught in includes St. Francis Methodist School, BMC, and Dimensions International College. A dedicated father, Chun Guan’s passion for moulding young minds is clear in the way he conducts his classes. Many of his students rave about his approach to learning and lament how his enthusiasm is truly infectious.
Teacher Profile
Serene Ang
Secondary Physics
Physicist Extraordinaire
Graduating with an International Diploma in Physics from the Imperial College London and a Bachelor of Applied Physics from NUS, Serene immediately began her teaching career in notable schools such as the NUS Physics department, NUS High School of Maths and Science, and Republic Polytechnic’s School of Applied Science. She always believed that she has an innate affinity for teaching and nurturing our future generations, and she has always been able to connect to the younger generation quite easily. With a fun and fresh disposition, Serene shows the beauty of Physics in its everyday applications to help her students relate to what they learn.
Teacher Profile
Kularesh Wijaykumar
Primary & Secondary English
Kularesh has over 10 years of experience specialising in Primary English, Secondary English and JC General Paper. He attained his Honours Degree in English Literature from NTU and has been fervently sharing his love of the language, and literature with his students. His classes always see his students getting engaged and in high spirits as they learn to manoeuvre their way around the language. Being an English teacher, it comes as no surprise that Kularesh spends his free time challenging his brain in Scrabble.
Teacher Profile
Mohamed Faizal
Primary & Secondary English
Loyal Red Devil
Conferred an Honours Degree in Political Science from NUS, Faizal has been teaching Primary and Secondary English for several years. Faizal customises his teaching methodology to meet the different needs of his students, allowing them to develop confidence in the subject. He invites his students to discuss and debate the lessons to keep them enthusiastic about learning the language. When he is not busy enriching young minds, this die-hard Manchester United Football Club fan is out and about satiating his shutterbug side.
Teacher Profile
Nellia Ho
Primary English
Lover of Literature
Nellia stepped into the noble career of teaching almost 10 years ago. Upon completing her Degree in Mass Communications, she set out to reap the rewards of igniting a child’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge. As a hobbyist writer and lover of literature, Nellia is supremely enthusiastic about drawing children into the magic of literature. This trendy teacher keeps up-to-date with current events, games, memes, and all things pop culture to weave in with her educational content to keep her students engaged.