PSLE Important Dates

Understanding PSLE

If you are reading this, that means you have already started your research to prepare your child for the Primary School Leaving Examination, popularly known as PSLE. Admittedly, it is an examination that makes the entire Singaporean household sit up and take notice as the PSLE is the first significant landmark in a Primary 6 student’s education journey. It’s a compulsory national examination that marks the end of the Singapore Primary School program and the beginning of Secondary School.

The PSLE results set the course for a student’s future — you should know that good scores are the deciding factors in getting entry into the secondary school of one’s choice. The score is derived from the sum of the subject scores, ranging from 4 to 32 in the PSLE grading system. The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board and the Ministry of Education Singapore are the joint examining authorities for the PSLE.

Throughout Primary School, which lasts for 6 years from Primary 1 (age 7) to Primary 6 (age 12), teachers and parents work towards preparing the child for the PSLE. So, it is natural that you should know everything there is to know about the examination, starting with the subjects, syllabus, new scoring system, and exam dates.


About the exam

The Primary School Leaving Examination is segregated into three parts. The Oral and Listening Comprehension exams are for language subjects only. The written are for a minimum of four subjects:

  • Oral Examination (language subjects only)
  • Listening Comprehension Examination (language subjects only)
  • Written Examination

The written examination of the PSLE is held annually around September to October. A Primary 6 student is expected to sit for the exams for a minimum of four subjects at the standard or foundation level.

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Mother Tongue (native language)

However, the Oral and Listening examinations are held before the written ones. Oral Examinations will usually be held in August, while the Listening Examination will usually be conducted in September. The Oral Examination is conducted in the e-Examination format since 2017 for both Standard and Foundation Mother Tongue Languages.

Other subjects are also taught at the Primary level such as Physical Education, Art, Music, Social Studies etc, however, these are non-examinable subjects.


Tentative PSLE 2023 Schedule

Spread over three months so that the students get sufficient time to prepare themselves, the examination is divided into three parts. Check below the dates of all the examinations.  


  • Mon, 3 Apr – Wed, 19 Apr 2023

Oral Examination

  • Tue, 15 Aug – Wed, 16 Aug 2023

Listening Comprehension

  • Fri, 15 Sep 2023

Written Examinations

  • Thu, 28 Sep – Wed, 04 Oct 2023.
The timetable for written exams will be made available by 24 March 2023.


PSLE Marking Days

As the name suggests, Marking Days are four days in October when the teachers are buried head-deep in marking the PSLE scripts, while the parents and children await the result day anxiously. However, tradition has it that since these four days are holidays for Primary school students all over Singapore, families prefer to spend some quality time together before the results.

PSLE 2023 Marking Days are likely to be Mon, 16 Oct – Wed, 18 Oct 2023.


Tentative Results Date

If there is a day that defines the word ‘anticipation’, it’s PSLE result day! Parents and their Primary 6 children await expectantly the scores of the PSLE examination that may be instrumental in steering the course of their future. The results are given to the students in their respective classrooms. Usually, the collection of results begins at 11 am.

The result date for PSLE 2023 is yet to be announced.

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