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How To help your child prepare for PSLE using The Montessori Approach
Many parents believe that Montessori is only for preschool children; however, that is far from the truth. Since the Montessori method primarily focuses on building independence and encouraging children to understand the subject matter, this method can help children of all ages, especially those preparing for PSLE. 
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5 creative ways to start your Primary School composition
When it comes to composition writing, a great introduction is just as important as the body and conclusion. While there’s no one best way to begin, starting your essay with “One sunny day” is the surest way to put your readers to sleep. In this article, we'll show you 5 creative ways to start your composition that’ll keep your readers at the edge of their seats.
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How to get your child to focus when he or she is easily distracted.
1. Reduce background noise. 2. Make time for physical activity. 3. Encourage them to play focus-enhancing games. 4. Embrace play-based learning. 5. Modify your communication style. 6. Be mindful of your tone. 7. Install App blockers.
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