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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is PSLE?

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) marks a significant milestone for Singaporean students as it’s one of the first major exams of their lives. Its outcome shapes the secondary schools they can enrol in, imbuing a profound sense of gravitas that echoes strongly among students and parents alike.

What are the important 2024 PSLE dates and exam timetable?

Oral Examination Timetable

Date Paper Time
13 August 2024
English Chinese  Malay  Tamil 8:00 AM to 01:30 PM
14 August 2024
English  Chinese  Malay  Tamil 08:00 AM to 01:30 PM


Listening Comprehension Timetable

Date Paper Time
13 September 2024
Chinese  Malay  Tamil 9:00 AM to 9:35 AM
13 September 2024
English 11:15 AM to 11:50 AM
Time (actual duration may differ slightly)

Written Examination Timetable

Date Paper Time
26 September 2024
English Paper 1,
English Paper 2
08:15 AM to 09:25 AM
10:30 AM to 12:20 PM
27 September 2024
Mathematics Paper 1,
Mathematics Paper 2
08:15 AM to 09:15 AM
10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
30 September 2024
Chinese/Malay/Tamil Paper 1,
Chinese/Malay/Tamil Paper 2
08:15 AM to 09:05 AM
10:15 AM to 11:55 AM
1 October 2024
Science 08:15 AM to 10:00 AM
2 October 2024
Higher Chinese/Malay/Tamil Paper 1 ,
Higher Chinese/Malay/Tamil Paper 2
08:15 AM to 09:05 AM
10:15 AM to 11:35 AM

What are the 2024 PSLE marking dates?

Monday, 14 October - Wednesday 16 October 2024

When will the 2024 PSLE results be released?

Wednesday, 20 November - Friday, 22 November 2024.

Explain the 2024 PSLE scoring system

Each PSLE subject is assessed using 8 achievement levels (ALs), where AL1 denotes the highest achievable score for your child. These scores are solely based on your child’s individual performance and are not influenced by the performance of their peers. To familiarise your child with the PSLE grading system, their school will introduce AL-based scores from Primary 5 onwards. This approach also provides valuable insight into your child's potential performance in the PSLE. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of ALs and how they are calculated, we recommend reading this article.

When is the PSLE exam conducted?

The PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) is a national examination in Singapore taken by primary school students at the end of Primary 6. It's a critical milestone as it determines the students' placement into different secondary school streams. The exam is usually held in September.

For more information, check out our PSLE Timetable.

What subjects are included in the PSLE?

The PSLE exam assesses students' proficiency in four main subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Science, and Mother Tongue Language (eg. Chinese, Malay, Tamil).

For more information, check out the PSLE Syllabus and the PSLE Exam format.

What is the PSLE scoring system?

The PSLE uses a grading system based on Achievement Levels (ALs) ranging from 1 (highest) to 8 (lowest). The ALs are assigned based on a student's overall performance in all subjects. The raw scores obtained for each subject are converted into T-scores, which are then used to determine the Achievement Levels. Students are also given an overall T-score, which is used for secondary school placement.

Calculate your PSLE Score with our PSLE Score Calculator.

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