Secondary 4 - Maths
The Secondary 4 Maths syllabus comprises two subjects: the compulsory Elementary Mathemathics (E-Math) and the optional Additional Mathematics (A-Maths) which students may choose to take on as an additional subject. Following the framework of the Secondary 3 Maths syllabus, E-Maths focuses on mathematical concepts applicable to everyday life - instalments, interest, and GST through topics such as measurements and estimation. On the other hand, A-Maths can be a bit more abstract. It pulls back the curtain and delves into research tools necessary for other fields of study, which include Physics, Biology, Economics, and so on.


Building on what was taught in Secondary 3, the Secondary 4 E-Maths syllabus expands on topics covered in Secondary 3 by introducing greater depth and a wider range of concepts. As Mathematics is a cumulative subject, it’s important that students apportion revision time appropriately so as to address learning gaps on both foundational and advanced levels, with an emphasis on topics covered at the upper secondary level.


Instead of elements applicable to everyday life, Additional Mathematics (A-Maths) goes beyond the fundamentals by introducing students to more abstract concepts of Mathematics, as well as research tools essential for other fields of study, such as Physics, Biology, Economics, and so on. For instance, given a single infected person, how should the rate of spread of COVID-19 in a community be measured? Concepts taught in the topics of exponentials, logarithms and calculus allow students to better understand the science and research behind the statistics.

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