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Primary 4


At Primary 4, students will encounter their first major milestone that would set the course for the next half of their Primary school journey: Subject-based banding (SBB).

Under Subject-based banding, students get to select a combination of standard and foundational subjects for Primary 5 and 6 based on their performance in the Primary 4 end-of-year examinations. The goal is to allow students to focus and stretch their potential in the subjects that they are strong in, while building up the fundamentals in subjects in which they need more support. However, necessary adjustments to the subject levels can be made along the way to better suit each student’s academic pace.


At the upper primary level, the emphasis shifts from rudimentary learning to solidifying one’s reading comprehension and writing skills in preparation for PSLE. Using a suite of editing and cloze exercises, visual text questions, and open-ended questions, students get to sharpen their comprehension skills in question analysis, clue sourcing, and inference. As for composition writing, the Primary 4 syllabus introduces students to the concept of figurative language, as well as a variety of writing techniques useful for crafting great introductions, conclusions, proverbs, idioms, characterisation, and settings. The primary goal is to cultivate the use of cohesive devices and grammatical structures in constructing multiple-paragraph texts that unify main ideas into a coherent whole.


The Primary 4 Mathematics syllabus can be broadly divided into 3 categories: Numbers and Algebra, Measurements and Geometry, and Statistics. Students can expect to work with a wider range of numbers (up to 100,000) and more advanced concepts as the syllabus expands on a few familiar topics to include improper fractions, measurement of angles in degrees, and so on. Some of the new topics include decimals, factors & multiples, line symmetry, and line graphs. At this point of the journey, students can be expected to multiply and divide decimals, as well as solve simple fraction questions without using a calculator.


The Primary 4 syllabus continues to plumb the depths of the five major themes and expand on them by introducing new and exciting topics such as heat, light, and matter. Building on the foundation of Primary 3, students can expect to gain a deeper understanding and insight into the relationship between man and his environment, the diversity and cycles of the natural world in which we live, as well as the importance of energy that makes everyday life possible.

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