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Primary 6


Primary 6 is the final lap of every student’s Primary school education journey. The focus for the year is set on preparation work for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), a nationally-held examination that takes place between the month of August and October. Students are tested on 4 main subjects - English, Mathematics, Science, and Mother Tongue Language (MTL). Upon passing PSLE, students graduate from the Primary School system and begin the next phase of their education journey in their preferred Secondary School. As PSLE comprises topics that span the entire Primary School curriculum, rigorous revision in and outside of the classroom is essential for solidifying foundations, cementing concepts, and addressing learning gaps.


Besides the introduction of a few new topics and concepts, the Primary 6 syllabus focuses primarily on solidifying the knowledge acquired in the last five years. As PSLE comprises topics that span the entire primary school curriculum, students can expect to be tested on their grasp of fundamental grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, as well as their reading comprehension and composition writing skills. While Paper One and Two put one’s reading and writing ability to the test, Paper Three and Four are designed to assess one’s listening comprehension and oral communication skills respectively. Therefore, it’s important to apportion revision time based on the effort needed to address learning gaps in each of the specific areas.


The Primary 6 Mathematics syllabus can be broadly divided into 3 categories: Numbers and Algebra, Measurements and Geometry, and Statistics. The syllabus is a culmination of all topics covered from Primary 3 to Primary 5, with the addition of new topics such as Algebra and Data analysis. Students will also learn to find unknown angles of a parallelogram, the area and circumference of a circle, as well as calculate the perimeter of composite figures and so on. For the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) Mathematics syllabus, students will be tested on 9 topics covered in Primary 5 and 6 - whole numbers, measurement, geometry, data analysis, fractions, decimals, percentage, ratio, and speed. As Mathematics is a cumulative subject, it’s important for revision time to be apportioned appropriately so as to address learning gaps on both foundational and advanced levels.


In the final dash towards PSLE, the Primary 6 Science syllabus continues to expand on the four major themes by introducing topics such as the food chain, man’s impact on the environment, as well as the different forms of energy, and so on. It’s at this point of the learning journey that students get a glimpse of the interconnectedness of food webs, man’s role in conserving nature, as well as the different types of forces in the world and their effects on all matter. The PSLE Science syllabus is a culmination of all topics covered in the lower and upper block (Primary 3 to 6). Students will be tested not just on their understanding of scientific facts and concepts, but their ability to apply critical thinking in answering the more complex questions as well.

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