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6 revision tips on how to be A-level ready

6 revision tips on how to be A-level ready

From taking breaks to studying with Lo-fi music in the background, you can ace your exams with a well-planned revision schedule.

Trriiinngg…That is your wake-up call! 

It's time to set your schedule in order and work your way through A-Level revision by sticking to the timetable. Sure, there is a lot of ground to cover revision-wise. However, you can easily forge ahead if you plan right. In this article, we tell you how.

Make Study Charts

Do not for one moment think that spending time making a revision schedule will be a waste of time. On the contrary, making one will help you know exactly where you are and how far you need to go. It is just like a map. If you need to reach from Point A to B, a map will show you the route, point out shortcuts and lanes you have missed, as well as the U-Turns you may have to take. A study chart will do the same. It will help you navigate your study, tell you how much you need to cover each day and help you cover the entire syllabus without missing out on any topics. Lastly, be sure to identify your weak subjects and allot more time to revise those. If you need some assistance, we offer a free strengths analysis when you sign up for a free Geniebook demo.

Stay The Course

We know that planning your revision schedule is easy. Sticking to it may be tough. Let us tell you this: Every day that you stick to the revision schedule and see it through will make you feel better about yourself. Fix your study routine as per your comfort time. Some of you may be early raisers, others late sleepers. Work your routine around to optimize your maximum productivity time. 

Study, Take A Break, Sleep

While your entire focus may be on finishing up the revision, we suggest you pause for brief intervals to loosen up. Research suggests that taking short study breaks helps the body and brain re-energise, thereby increasing productivity. It also lightens stress built up due to long hours of study. Getting up from your study table to make yourself a sandwich or taking a short walk outside acts as a stimulus to refocus. Getting adequate sleep is another way to reboot yourself. Sleep deprivation leads to low productivity. So, however, tempted you might be to cut back on your sleep time, remember that a tired mind and body will not retain information. 

Don’t Be An Island

You may not be in favour of group study. However, staying connected with peers and/or seniors might help you gain perspective on how to tackle/grasp certain formulae or concepts. Reach out when in doubt to your mentor, your teachers, friends or seniors. Sometimes just talking to any of them can get you clarity. If you have enrolled in tuitions, talk to your coaches there. They are experts in the field and will be able to shed light on the study hurdles you face. 

Listen To Therapeutic Music

You obviously have heard this before — music soothes the nerves and calms your anxious heart like a balm. From homegrown Cosmic Child to South Korean boy band BTS, from rappers like Drake and Jay-Z to singers like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, take your pick and spend a few minutes listening to music to destress. Geniebook also offers lo-fi music. Short for Low-fidelity, this music has become popular in the last decade as study music. Played in the background during studying, Lo-fi stimulates focus and reduces stress. Find Geniebook’s Lo-fi Playlist Here.

Keep Yourself & Your Room Groomed

Maintain a daily routine of keeping yourself groomed, read that as ‘take a shower!’ Exam or no exam, skipping your daily hygiene ritual under the garb of studies is unacceptable. If you keep yourself clean, you start the day afresh. Dress up if it makes you feel good about yourself before sitting down to study. Maybe you have a pet that needs cleaning, or the study room needs a bit of sprucing up. Do it. A clean, organised study table gives out good vibes. It is a positive start to a long day of study.

Since this isn’t the first time you are giving a national-level exam, you already know that efforts always yield results. Be dedicated during your study hours but have short spurts of fun with family or friends, even if it means a 10-minute telephonic conversation with your bestie. In short, enjoy the process.


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