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PSLE Paper 1 (Writing): Lessons + Tips to help your child score an AL1

PSLE Paper 1 (Writing): Lessons + Tips to help your child score an AL1

Want to know how to make your child's writing go from good to great? This article links to all of the informative strategies, tips, and techniques we've ever published to help your child get that high score.

How to start the composition

Most students say that the most difficult aspect of any writing test is knowing how to start. That's why these articles will guide your child to write introductions that will impress any examiner.

1. Composition writing - Basics for students who are in Primary 4 and above 

If your child is beginning to learn how to write compositions, this is the article for you. It contains simple tips to remember when starting and ending a composition, it has practice questions and even a free 1-hour video lesson that you can watch with your child.

2. Composition writing - Advanced for Primary 6 students

Learn how to come up with introductions and endings that make an impact and take the reader on a journey in this article.

Click here to go to the article.

3. 5 Easy-to-replicate ways  to start your compositions

Everyone tells students to make their introductions "impactful". This article shows you 5 ways that can help your child kickstart their compositions with a bang. Don't forget to bookmark this article, and challenge your child to use these ways in their next composition.

Advice, tactics, and methods for organising your writing

Now that you know how to help your child come up with a great introduction, next is helping them learn how to structure their writing. These are some of the articles that will help you do just that.

1. Composition basics - For Primary 2 and above

Learn the basic structure of a story (Introduction, body, and conclusion). Get a detailed overview of how these three work together to make a great composition.

2. Composition writing - Advanced for P4 to P6 students

This article will help your child go into more detail about how to structure their writing better once they have a firm understanding of the fundamentals that were covered in the previous article. 

Additionally, there is a free 1-hour lesson in this article that will help them understand the topic better.

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3. Master PSLE Situational Writing: 4 Steps to Better Scores

With these four steps, you can help your child's situational writing stand out from that of their peers. Plus gain an understanding of what the examiners are looking for.

4. 5 figures of speech to make your writing sing

Help your child make their writing remarkable by teaching them about different figures of speech and how to use them effectively in their compositions.

5. Mastering primary English writing with 5W1H: A recipe for success

Learn how the powerful 5W1H technique can transform your child’s English writing skills and boost their chances of excelling in the PSLE exams.

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6. Master Descriptive Writing Techniques

Master the art of descriptive writing with proven techniques that will enhance your child's English skills. Help them learn how to create vivid imagery, engage readers, and bring your stories to life through captivating narratives. 

At Geniebook, we wish that every child manages to reach their full potential and we hope that these articles will help improve your child's composition skills. 

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