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with fewer questions.
Geniebook helps students excel in exams with our unique
technology. We ensure that every child learns at their own pace, with
questions suited for their capability.
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Targeted questions
to progress quickly.
Geniebook pinpoints learning gaps in students and
assigns them the best questions suited to their
capability to help them improve quickly. Harnessing data
from >4,000,000 attempted questions, we identify
common trends and mistakes in students and create
more questions of these concepts to target these weak
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students improve quickly
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Marked by experienced teachers
with full solutions.
Our expert education team have collectively taught
thousands of students and are familiar with the
standard academic issues. Our teachers offer
effective advice to your child so that they understand
their mistakes better. They carefully work out
solutions for every question to help students learn,
revise and master concepts.
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Stay involved
with your child’s progress.
Our parent account allows you to manage your
child’s revision by assigning them targeted
worksheets. You will also be able to view their
learning progress anytime, anywhere.
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track your child's progress
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Cecilia Bok
So glad that my boy signed up for Geniebook.
He enjoys doing his work online and getting the teacher’s feedback
without having to leave the house.
Very responsive teachers
Kelly Lee
I like the specially designed worksheets from Geniebook for my child
and he has a better understanding on the topics.
Joanna See
As a parent, I like the concept of Geniebook.
The questions are challenging and well-structured.
I particularly like the fact that we can access it on iPad and iPhone.
My kids can do revision on-the-go without having to lug assessment books all over the place.
The automated self-marking and analysis of weak areas are very useful and
time-saving features for me too.
Cheng Liew
I personally love the well designed worksheets.
Lots of challenging questions for self-learning and reinforcement.
Can be done on iPad and fun for kids.