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Primary Maths

At Geniebook, we understand that every student learns differently. Therefore, we offer a wide range of Mathematical resources that cater to different learning styles and preferences. Our resources are aligned with the MOE curriculum and cover a wide range of topics, including numbers, fractions, algebra, geometry, and more. 

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Here are some of the Primary Maths resources available: 

Formula Sheets
Our formula sheets provide comprehensive overviews of key Mathematical concepts, as well as formulas and definitions. These sheets are an excellent resource for revision, offering students to quick recap on the essential concepts before their exams.

Flashcards for revision
Use our flashcards to memorise key Maths concepts fast. They cover a wide range of topics, including fractions, angles, and more. 

Fact sheets
We put everything you need to know about a particular topic, all-on-one-sheet. Each fact sheet consists of detailed explanations of key Maths concepts that make complex topics easy to understand. These sheets include real-life examples and practical applications of Maths concepts, helping students to see the relevance of Maths in their daily lives.

We understand that Maths can be a challenging subject for some students. Therefore, we have developed interactive games that make learning Maths fun and engaging. 

Structured guidance and practice exercises
Our resources provide structured guidance and practice exercises that help students to master Maths concepts and apply them to real-life situations. Our practice exercises are designed to challenge students and prepare them for their exams, ensuring that they are fully prepared to achieve academic success. 

Support for Parents
Parents play a critical role in supporting their children's education. So, our resources are designed to provide you with the guidance and tools you need to support your child's learning at home. Our resources are designed to making it easy for you to guide your child's learning and track their progress.

Exam Preparation
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