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Secondary 1


Secondary 1 marks the start of a four or five-year Secondary education for all students in Singapore. Earning the right to join the ranks of fellow students in their preferred Secondary school, students begin the second phase of their education journey via one of the three general pathways: Express, Normal Academic, and Normal Technical. Students who perform well may be eligible to transfer between pathways, or take certain subjects at a more demanding level suited to their abilities and interests through Subject-based banding (SBB). The goal of the lower secondary level is to introduce students to a wide range of subjects that would help them better choose their preferred subjects as they progress to the upper secondary level.


The Secondary 1 syllabus builds upon the foundation established over the Primary school years by developing students’ capabilities in the areas of listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Instead of focusing on grammar fundamentals, the Secondary English syllabus emphasises students’ mastery of the language and introduces current affairs with the goal of developing a global perspective. With that, students can also expect a change in assessment format to facilitate new learning outcomes, with MCQs and cloze exercises no longer components found in the exam papers. Beyond conveying ideas by applying grammatical knowledge at the word, phrase, and sentence level, students will also learn to formulate arguments and express informed opinions in a manner suited to the intended purpose, audience, context, and culture.


The Secondary 1 Mathematics syllabus seeks to build a strong foundation that helps equip students with the capability to solve real-world problems, as well as pursue mathematics or similar courses of study in their next stage of education. The Secondary 1 Mathematics syllabus builds upon the Primary Mathematics syllabus and can be broadly divided into 3 categories: Numbers and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, and Statistics and Probability. Under Numbers and Algebra, students can expect to deepen their knowledge of topics such as numbers, ratio, percentage, rate, speed, algebraic expressions, graphs, and equations. As for Geometry and Measurement, students are introduced to the more advanced concepts of angles and mensuration. Lastly, for Statistics and Probability, students are taught to analyse, interpret, and handle data in the form of tables, charts, and graphs. However, unlike in Primary School, the Secondary Mathematics syllabus is taught in topics instead of concepts. Therefore, students need to learn new approaches in order to excel.


Guided by the Science Curriculum Framework, the Lower Secondary Curriculum (Secondary 1 and 2) builds on the Primary Science syllabus and is organised into five major themes that provide students with the foundational concepts needed for the disciplinary Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) at the upper secondary level. The themes include Scientific Endeavour, Diversity, Models, Interactions, and Systems. The Secondary 1 syllabus introduces students to a range of topics across the five major themes. Students can expect to learn about elements & compounds, the human digestive system, as well as kinetic particle theory, and so on.

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