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Secondary English

At Geniebook, we believe every student should have access to top-notch resources. That's why our teachers have developed these resources, such as tips, revision notes, cheat sheets, and more, to support students striving for success in their O-level exams.

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The following resources are available for free download on this page: 

1. Situational writing: Formats and tips

Download this cheat sheet, which offers easy-to-understand formats for informal letters, informal emails, formal emails, formal letters, speeches, reports/proposals, and articles. This PDF also includes steps on how to answer situational writing questions in your O-level exam.

2. Expository writing: Genres and structure

This cheat sheet explains various types of expository writing, such as argumentative essays, discursive essays, and descriptive plus expository essays. It also guides you on how to structure each of these essays to achieve the highest marks in your O-level exam.

3. The ultimate visual text cheat sheet

Discover how to approach visual text questions with clear examples. This sheet also outlines various types of questions commonly asked in O-level exams and provides guidance on tackling them.

4. A complete guide to comprehension questions in sections B and C

Master the skill of answering various comprehension questions that often puzzle students in their O-level exams. This resource explores different types of comprehension questions and provides detailed explanations on how to answer them.

5. Things to note for a better summary response

Perfect your ability to write a summary response with this skills practice sheet. It includes various passages and step-by-step instructions on how to respond effectively.

6. Listening comprehension cheat sheet

Discover what to anticipate in the O-level listening comprehension paper, accompanied by practice questions to demonstrate how to tackle challenging queries.

7. Grammar Editing

In this useful guide, we explore the main grammar editing distinctions between primary and secondary levels. We also cover frequently tested grammar rules to help students in achieving a high score. 

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