Secondary 3 Chemistry

The syllabus for Chemistry differs based on one’s chosen subject combination (Pure Chemistry or Combined Chemistry). The distinction lies in the breadth and depth of each syllabus, as well as the exam format. Generally speaking, students can expect to learn about topics such as atomic structure, chemical bonding, acids and bases, mole concept and chemical calculations, and so on.

List of Topics
Academic Topics
Primary 1
Primary 2
Primary 3
Primary 4
Primary 5
Primary 6
Secondary 1
Secondary 2
Secondary 3
+ More
Kinetic Particle Theory
Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
Separation and Purification
Atomic Structure
Measurement and Experimental Techniques
Ionic Bonding
Covalent Bonding
Writing Chemical Equations
Oxidation and Reduction
Acids And Bases
The Mole
Atmosphere And Environment
Periodic Table
Chemical Calculations
Qualitative Analysis
+ More
+ More
Secondary 4
+ More
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