Secondary 1 English

The syllabus focuses on students’ mastery of the language and introduces current affairs with the goal of developing a global perspective. At the Secondary level, students can also expect a change in assessment format to facilitate new learning outcomes, with MCQs and cloze exercises no longer components found in the exam papers. Beyond conveying ideas by applying grammatical knowledge at the word, phrase, and sentence levels, the goal is to equip students with the tools to formulate arguments and express informed opinions in a manner suited to the intended purpose, audience, context, and culture.

List of Topics
Academic Topics
Primary 1
Primary 2
Primary 3
Primary 4
Primary 5
Primary 6
Secondary 1
Comprehension Skills (Narrative Text)
Comprehension Skills (Inferential Questions)
Continuous Writing: Personal Recount
Continuous Writing - Expository
Comprehension Skills (IYOW Questions)
Comprehension Skills (Non-narrative Text) - Dialogue Questions
Comprehension Skills (Non-narrative Text) - Summary Writing Skills
Comprehension Skills (Narrative Text) - Flowchart Questions
Comprehension Skills (Narrative Text) Unusual & Effective Questions
Comprehension Skills (Non-narrative Text) Direct Questions
Comprehension Skills - Referencing Questions
Comprehension Skills - Direct Recall Of Relevant Material, Paraphrasing
Text 2 Skills: Literacy Devices
Comprehension Skills (Narrative Text) Literary Devices
Summary Writing
Situational Writing - Formal Letter of Complaint
Comprehension Skills - Language Arts
Comprehension Skills - Vocabulary-based Questions
Comprehension Skills - Identifying Relevant Linguistic Expression
Comprehension Skills (Narrative Text) Technique-Based Questions
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Secondary 2
Secondary 3
Secondary 4
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