Primary 6 English

The syllabus focuses primarily on solidifying the knowledge acquired in the last five years, with the introduction of a few new topics and concepts. Students will be focusing on improving their grasp of fundamental grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, as well as their reading comprehension and composition writing skills.

List of Topics
Academic Topics
Primary 1
Primary 2
Primary 3
Primary 4
Primary 5
Primary 6
Composition Structure
Phrasal Verbs: Separable & Transitive
Vocabulary Cloze
Synthesis: Past Participle Verb
Active And Passive Voice
Grammar Cloze
Editing: Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling
Composition Writing - Introductions And Endings
Synthesis & Transformation And Vocabulary Builder
Editing & Vocabulary Builder
Figures Of Speech And Occupations
Verb Forms And Gerunds
Last Lap: Verb Forms, Gerunds & Phrasal Verbs
If Conditionals - Varied Questions
Comprehension Cloze and Synthesis
Vocabulary Cloze & Comprehension Open Ended
Comprehension Cloze
Grammar Cloze & Visual Text
If-Conditionals: Simple Past & Simple Present
+ More
+ More
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Secondary 1
Secondary 2
Secondary 3
Secondary 4
+ More
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