Secondary 2 Exam Papers

At Secondary 2, students move away from grammatical fundamentals and focus on developing their overall mastery of the English language. For Mathematics, students are introduced to new topics and advanced concepts. As for Science, the syllabus introduces new topics while taking a closer look at familiar ones such as the transport systems in plants and human beings and how energy is gained or lost through various means.

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Secondary 2_English_2018_SA1_4
Secondary 2_English_2018_SA1_3
Secondary 2_English_2018_SA1_2
Secondary 2_English_2018_SA1_1
Secondary 2_English_2018_SA1_5
Secondary 2_Maths_2018_SA2_2
Secondary 2_Maths_2018_SA2_1
Secondary 2_Maths_2018_SA1_3
Secondary 2_Maths_2018_SA1_2
Secondary 2_Maths_2018_SA1_1
Secondary 2_Science_2017_SA1_2
Secondary 2_Science_2017_SA1_1
Secondary 2_Science_2018_SA2_3
Secondary 2_Science_2018_SA2_2
Secondary 2_Science_2018_SA2_1
Secondary 2_Science_2017_SA2_1

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