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Comprehension Cloze

What are comprehension clozes? They are passages where you have to

  1. Fill in the blank with the most suitable word.
  2. Scan the passage for contextual clues. That will lead us to the right answer!


Tip to remember while finishing a comprehension cloze:

  • Scan the whole passage in the beginning itself before filling in any answers 


Passage 1:

How much water should you drink a day? Keeping (1) o__________ hydrated is important for our health, (2) b__________ many people do not drink enough water each day, especially older adults. (3) A__________ there are no fixed amount of water that we need to drink daily, most doctors recommend drinking eight (4) g__________ of water a day. If (5) y__________ do not drink enough water each day, you might become dehydrated. This could lead to health problems such as dizziness and exhaustion. 



  1. ourselves 
  2. but 
  3. Although 
  4. glasses
  5. you 


Passage 2:

Johnson took out his pencil and started drawing on the wall. His classmates saw him and tried to stop him but Johnson would not listen. When the teacher walked in and saw the act of (1) v__________, she angrily asked, “Who did this?”


Question 1:

Fill in the blank for (1).


  1. vandalism
  2. vandal
  3. vicious



1) vandalism


Let’s understand the meaning of vandalism. When someone destroys or defaces a public property, that means he/she vandalises it. The person who does this act is called a vandal. The correct answer here is 1) vandalism. 


Passage 3:

The class said Johnson’s name in (2) u__________.


Question 2:

Fill in the blank for (2).


  1. ugliness
  2. unison
  3. unitedly



2) unison


Unison is a new word. Let’s understand its meaning. In unison means all at once. The correct answer is (2) unison 


Passage 4:

However, the teacher did not (3) b__________ them as Johnson was a school prefect. The whole class was punished for lying. The furious students confronted Johnson after the lesson but he only smiled at them and denied that he had been at fault. He then started shredding pieces of paper and tossing them on the teacher’s table. His classmates were furious because the next teacher would surely scold the entire class.


Question 3:

Fill in the blank for (3).


  1. blame
  2. belief
  3. believe



3) believe


The answer is 3) believe. So what is the clue here to know that's the answer? School prefect is your clue here, as prefects are the more model students who are not naughty at all. 


Passage 5:

Johnson was (4) a__________ getting everyone into trouble.


Question 4:

Fill in the blank for (4).


  1. always
  2. annoying
  3. anyway



1) always


This one is quite straightforward. The correct answer is 1) always.


Passage 6:

His classmates decided to put their heads together to come up with a plan. Since they were the only ones who knew Johnson’s true (5) c__________, they decided it was up to them to help him change his behaviour for the better. It was for his own good.


Question 5:

Fill in the blank for (5).


  1. calling
  2. characteristics
  3. colours



3) colours


The correct answer is 3) colours. This is where we need to upgrade our knowledge about idioms, expressions and figure of speech. Someone’s true colours is a figure of speech, that means their real self.


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