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Grammar Cloze

In this article, we are going to cover Grammar Cloze. Even though it is an easy topic, we will try to challenge ourselves so we can improve and learn something new. 

We will also do some practice questions to test our concepts of active and passive voice as well as learn some new vocabulary words.


Active And Passive Voice

  • Active Voice - the focus of the sentence does the action.

Active voice is a form in which a subject is typically a person or a thing performing an action on the verb i.e. the subject of the sentence acts on the verb. It is a very direct voice. Somebody does some action. For example:

eg. Cats catch rats.

Here, cats is the subject.

The action done by the subject (cats) is catch.

  • Passive Voice - focus is acted on by the verb. 

Passive Voice is used to show interest in the person or object that experiences an action rather than the person or object that performs the action. Here the subject is acted on by the verb. For example:

eg. Mice caught by cats.

Here, the subject is “Mice”.

The focus is not on the subject. 

Subject is not doing the action. The action is done by the cats!

  • ‘By’ is a clue for passive voice


Practice Questions

Now using these short hints of active and passive voice, let’s try out some questions to check our conceptual knowledge.

Question 1: 

Look at the sentence given below.

eg. The filet was seared by the chef

Is it written in a passive voice?



Yes. The focus of the sentence is the filet but it doesn't do anything. It is acted on by the chef.


Question 2: 

Look at the sentence below.

eg. Alyx found herself trapped in the City.

Is it written in an active voice?



Yes. The focus of the sentence is Alyx. What did she do? She found herself.


Question 3:

Look at this sentence.

eg. Of all the dishes in the pantry, Butler chose to binge on rice.

Is it written in a passive voice?





Question 4: 

Gemini piloted the spacecraft across the expanse.

The __________.

  1. expanse was piloted across the Gemini by spacecraft
  2. spacecraft was piloted across the expanse by Gemini
  3. piloting of the spacecraft was done by Gemini
  4. spacecraft was piloted across Gemini by the spacecraft





Question 5:

Our son is showing signs of telepathy.

Signs __________.

  1. of telepathy is being shown by our son
  2. of telepathy are being shown by our son
  3. of our son are telepathy
  4. of being shown by our son are telepathy





Grammar Cloze 

Grammar cloze is an exercise in which the students are provided with a passage that has certain words missing from it. In a cloze test, the students have to fill the blanks with the right words from the given choices.

When in doubt, test every option given in the question.

  • Please read everything first.
  • Remember to cancel the words already used.

Let us try some questions.

Question 6:

__________ referred to as just “public”, public transportation is a common and reliable way to get around in many countries.

  1. Despite
  2. Otherwise
  3. Apart
  4. Beyond





Question 7:

__________ being a relatively cheap option,public transportation is also beneficial for the environment.

  1. However
  2. Despite
  3. Above
  4. Beyond





Question 8:

Wannabe space explorers __________ look forward to a new space transportation system this year as part of Truth Out There’s effort to muscle into the space travel industry.

  1. might
  2. could
  3. can
  4. should





Question 9:

Martians, found in specific colonies worldwide, go __________ great lengths to protect themselves from sun damage here on earth.

  1. for
  2. to
  3. into
  4. about





Question 10:

Even without going __________ too much detail, it is apparent that Soylend Red is a superior meat substitute.

  1. despite
  2. around
  3. about
  4. into





Question 11:

Despite being put __________ by the numerous unnecessary steps he had to take, he felt like he had no choice. The problem wouldn’t go away if he didn’t act now.

  1. away
  2. in
  3. out
  4. off





Dictionary Time

  • Put out: to douse a flame. Put out a fire.

He put out the flame with a bucket of water.

  • Put off: procrastinate, OR be somewhat annoyed by something

Postpone - She put off doing her homework as it was a Friday.

Annoyed - She was put off by her incessant boasting and flexing.

  • Put in: to give something

I put in a good word for my friend who had applied to join my company.

  • Sear: To cook the surface of some food quickly with intense heat
  • Filet: a fleshy boneless piece of meat from near the loins or the ribs of the animal

The customer wanted her fish fileted.

  • Butler: the chief manservant of a large house

The relationship between the butler and his master has been most fruitful in this respect.

  • Pantry: a small room or cupboard in which food, crockery, and cutlery are kept

There is bread and cheese in the pantry.

  • Expanse: a wide continuous area of something

She gazed at the immense expanse of the sea.

  • Psychic: relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance

I don't think an admission they were dealing with a psychic or someone with supernatural abilities would sit well with their suit and necktie image.


Question 12:

Given his easy-going nature, it took no effort at all to strike __________ a conversation with anyone he had literally just met.

  1. away
  2. up
  3. in
  4. off




Question 13:

The sun has set and the group of tourists __________ left. Within minutes, the Shadow Monkeys come out to play.

  1. had
  2. has
  3. have
  4. having





Question 14:

The history of the area __________ open to all to discover through reading the posters and displays put up at every corner. All you need is patience and maybe a magnifying glass.

  1. is
  2. are
  3. was
  4. were





In this article, we have tested our concepts of the active and passive voice. We have also practised Grammar Cloze by doing some challenging questions, and now understand the usage of certain words much better. In the course of this article, we have also learnt the meanings of certain vocabulary words to continue to supplement our vocabulary repertoire.

Hope you will continue to read more and more books in a variety of genres to expand your knowledge of grammar, as well as enrich your vocabulary.


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