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Secondary 3 - Maths

Secondary 3 introduces students to Additional Mathematics (A-Maths), an elective subject that exposes them to more challenging maths concepts. In short, Elementary Mathematics (E-Maths) equips students with the fundamental knowledge and skills to solve basic mathematical problems, while Additional Mathematics allows students to develop skills necessary for understanding more complex concepts across different fields of study - Physics, Biology, Economics, and so on.


Moving from Lower Secondary to Upper, students can expect a more rigorous curriculum and an uptick in pace as the preparation for O-level examination officially begins. As topics in both Secondary 3 and 4 will be tested, students are encouraged to have a firm grasp of the examinable components through consistent practice so as to reduce the time spent on revisiting what was covered in Secondary 3 as one progresses through the Secondary 4 syllabus. At this point of the learning journey, students are introduced to an expanded range of concepts, with a few new topics thrown into the mix. For example, instead of simply identifying properties of similar triangles and polygons like in Secondary 2, students will learn about the properties and construction of perpendicular bisectors of segments and angle bisectors under the topic of congruence and similarity. For new topics, students are introduced to the properties of circles and coordinate geometry.


The Secondary 3 A-Maths syllabus focuses on helping students develop the essential skills needed for analysing and applying deeper maths concepts in the areas of Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and Trigonometry. This is to prepare them for A-Level H2 Maths or Polytechnic modules that require advanced mathematics such as C-Maths and F-Maths. However, it’s important to note that students who choose to take up A-Maths as an additional subject are still required to take E-Maths. Therefore, it’s important that students take their level of interest, ability, and past performance into consideration when deciding whether to take up A-Maths as an additional subject.

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