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Secondary Maths

These Secondary Maths resources align with the MOE curriculum and cover a diverse array of topics, including Laws of Logarithm, Matrix Multiplication, Indices, and more.

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You can download the following resources for free from this page:

1. A visual understanding of completing the square

This PDF will guide you through "completing the square" by illustrating the visual concepts and demonstrating its connection to the systematic algebraic process.

2. Indices: Laws and definitions

Grab this swift revision guide for a concise overview of fundamental index laws, including those for zero, negative, and fractional indices. Download now!

3. Matrix multiplication: A step-by-step guide

Matrix multiplication might be challenging for students, but it's crucial for mastering various areas of mathematics. Download this guide for detailed steps on solving complex matrix multiplication problems.

4. Laws of logarithm

Print and keep this sheet close for quick formula revisions. It covers converting exponential forms to logarithmic forms, product law, quotient law, power law, common logarithm, special properties of logarithm, change of base formula, and solving logarithmic equations.

5. Volume and surface area of solids

Efficiently review volume and total surface area formulas for solids such as cubes, cuboids, prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones, spheres, and hemispheres by quickly going through them.

6. Geometrical Properties of Circle

This quick reference guide for secondary three students includes the properties and abbreviations related to symmetric properties and angles in circles.


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