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Unlocking the secrets of visual texts: A guide to PSLE success

Unlocking the secrets of visual texts: A guide to PSLE success

Visual texts are all around us, from billboards on the streets to product packaging on supermarket shelves. It's no wonder that visual text comprehension is a crucial skill for students to master. 

In this article, we'll share some expert tips on how to develop your child's visual text comprehension skills to ace the PSLE.

1. Identifying The Purpose Of Visual Texts

Explain to your child that visual texts have a purpose. 

👉 Web pages share information and promote organisations,
👉 Flyers attract participants to studies and customers to businesses,
👉 Posters advertise events or activities,
👉 Advertisements encourage readers to buy goods or services,
👉 Brochures provide detailed information about products or services, and
👉 Newsletters provide regular updates or promote certain activities. 

By identifying the purpose of the visual text, your child will be able to understand the message better and interpret the images in the right way.

2. Reading Carefully And Thoroughly

Encourage your child to read visual texts carefully and thoroughly, from left to right and top to bottom. 

Explain that no text should be skipped, as even seemingly insignificant details can provide important information. 

Teach your child to take note of the fine print, which contains essential details on discounts, exceptions, exclusions, and restrictions.

3. Highlighting Keywords

Teach your child to underline or highlight keywords in both the questions and the text. 

For example, words like SPONSORS or ORGANISERS are critical to understanding the message of a visual text. 

Highlighting these keywords can help your child locate the relevant information and answer the questions correctly.

4. Verifying Each Option

Your child should always verify each option, even if they feel confident about their answer. 

It's easy to overlook minor details that can affect the accuracy of their response. 

Encourage your child to double-check their answer by verifying it against the text given.

By using these tips, your child can develop the necessary skills to understand visual texts and excel in their studies. By teaching your child the importance of visual literacy, you're helping them develop a valuable skill that will serve them well in their academic and personal life.

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