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Play these fun Maths games with your family

Play these fun Maths games with your family

Maths can be daunting for kids, but it doesn’t have to be. Encourage them to play these fun Maths games with you and use them as a learning opportunity. 

In addition to being educational and creative, playing these games together is also a great bonding experience. Your kids are sure to love the challenge - and they won’t even realise they're learning!

P.S. You can adjust the complexity of these games to match the age and level of the players by changing the complexity of the maths questions.

Game 1: Maths Racing Cars

Materials Needed:

  • Race track (You can draw one if needed)
  • Toy cars
  • Plain cards with Maths problems written on them


Draw a racetrack on paper or use a toy racecar set. Use small toy cars as racing cars. 

Write different Maths questions on cards and shuffle them.

Place them face down in a space that's equidistant from all players.

How to play: 

Players begin Maths Racing Cars by setting up the track. If using paper, draw a racetrack with start and finish lines. If using a toy racecar set, the track should already be included in the packaging. Players then have to choose which car will act as their racing car. 

Once the racetrack is set up and the cars are chosen, players can begin racing. 

Before each turn, a player has to correctly solve a maths problem written on a piece of paper or card stock. Once they solve it correctly, they can move their car forward one space on the track and it's the next player's turn. 

This continues until one of the players crosses over the finish line first, making them the winner!

Game 2: Maths Football

Materials needed:

  • A football field diagram (you can draw one on paper)
  • Football cards or small pieces of paper with math problems on them
  • Miniature football players or figurines
  • A small ball (representing the football)


Draw a football field diagram on a piece of paper or use a printable template. Place miniature football players or figurines on the field to represent the two teams.

How to play:

Divide the players into two teams, like "Team A" and "Team B." Each team takes turns playing offence and defence.

Team offence: Select a player to be the quarterback. The quarterback stands behind the line of scrimmage.

Team deffence: Selects a player to be the defender. The defender presents a maths problem to the quarterback.

The quarterback must solve the problem correctly to make a successful pass. If they answer correctly, they complete a pass to one of their miniature football players on the field.

 As the team offence advances down the field, they must continue to answer the problems posed by the defender. If they answer correctly, they move closer to the end zone. If they answer incorrectly, it's an incomplete pass or turnover.

The goal is to advance the football all the way to the opposing team's end zone by answering all of the problems correctly. When they do, it's a touchdown and they earn points.

After a touchdown or turnover, switch roles. The offence and defence teams swap positions.

The game can have a set number of quarters or a point limit. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

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