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Escape with us in our next lo-fi playlist

Escape with us in our next lo-fi playlist

Our next Lo-fi playlist is now available on YouTube!

Titled ‘Escape’, this is a followup to our first Lo-fi compilation released a couple months ago. Have a listen here - we recommend putting it on while studying or working.

What is Lo-fi music?

Lo-Fi is a category of music mostly comprising slow, soothing jazzy tracks, which also feature soft audio effects such as slight crackling noises or fuzzy sound quality. This all helps to lull listeners into a peaceful, dreamy mood that somehow aids with concentration and focus.

Curious to learn more about this interesting genre and why it’s usually connected with calmness, meditation and studying? We’ve previously covered this in an article published back during the release of our first Lo-fi music playlist, ‘In My Mind’. Read it here.

Meanwhile, you can also listen to In My Mind on YouTube below, or by clicking this link.

Enjoy, and have a productive time!

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