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How is Christmas celebrated globally?

How is Christmas celebrated globally?

Ho, ho, ho! It's that magical time of the year where we celebrate the season of joy. In this article, we will embark on a journey across five countries, and explore each of their own unique ways of spreading holiday cheer.

1. Singapore

Our little red dot transforms into a tropical wonderland during this holiday season. While there might not be snow-covered streets, Orchard Road, our most iconic shopping district, becomes a glittering paradise with dazzling lights, whimsical decorations, and interactive displays that we have all grown to look forward to every year!

2. Japan

In Japan, Christmas is a unique blend of Western and Japanese traditions. One quirky and beloved tradition is the unconventional and mandatory KFC Christmas meal. Yes, you read that right! Families in Japan eagerly anticipate their Christmas Eve feast, often consisting of fried chicken from KFC. 🍗

Another sweet tradition involves enjoying Christmas cake, a light and fluffy sponge cake adorned with festive decorations. Families exchange these cakes as gifts, making Christmas in Japan a delightful mix of international flavours and local customs.

3. Sweden

In Sweden, Christmas takes on a magical quality with the celebration of St. Lucia's Day on 13th December. The festival honours Saint Lucia, who is believed to bring light during the darkest days of winter. On this day, young girls don white gowns and don candle-lit crowns, creating a luminous procession as they sing carols. Families come together to share traditional saffron buns and ginger cookies, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that brightens the wintry nights.

4. Australia

Down under in Australia, Christmas falls during the sunny summer season, and the celebrations are as vibrant as the weather. Instead of snowmen and sleigh rides, families gather for beach barbecues, picnics, and outdoor festivities. Australians exchange gifts, decorate their homes with native flora, and often indulge in a Christmas feast that includes seafood, cold cuts, and a refreshing pavlova dessert. With the sun shining brightly, Christmas in Australia is a unique blend of outdoor fun and festive cheer.

5. Mexico

In Mexico, Christmas festivities kick off with a series of Posadas, a nine-night celebration leading up to Christmas Eve. Families and neighbours come together to reenact the journey of Mary and Joseph seeking shelter. Each night, they go from house to house, singing traditional songs and asking for a place to stay. The celebrations culminate on Christmas Eve with a grand feast, fireworks, and the breaking of piñatas filled with candies and treats. Christmas in Mexico is a lively and colourful affair that emphasises community, hospitality, and the joy of giving.

It’s so interesting how Christmas is celebrated differently everywhere around the world. With that, Geniebook would like to wish you a Merry Christmas holiday with your loved ones! 🎄

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