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Practice realistically with timed worksheets

Practice realistically with timed worksheets

Has your child ever used stopwatches and clocks while doing revision worksheets to simulate an exam environment? Do you believe that the pressure of time ticking away is a great way to learn time management skills before entering the exam hall?

Starting today, your child will be able to attempt timed worksheets on GenieSmart that will track the amount of time they take to complete a full set of questions, helping them to even better prepare for the exams!

Why use timed worksheets for exam preparation

As a new feature in GenieSmart, timed worksheets allow students the option to practise worksheets under timed conditions, which helps them to learn how to pace themselves while providing a more realistic exam experience without having to set up their own timekeeping tools. In other words, we do all the necessary tracking for you with timed worksheets!

Besides training for exams, setting a time limit on the worksheets they attempt in GenieSmart also enforces the habit of discipline, encouraging them to complete an entire worksheet in one sitting (which usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes).

The timed worksheet toggle can be found above the ‘Create worksheet’ button.

How to use timed worksheets: an FAQ

How do students create timed worksheets?

Students can choose whether a starter, customised, or revision worksheet should be timed while creating a worksheet.

  • Step 1: Create a worksheet
  • Step 2: Turn on the toggle for Timed worksheets
  • Step 3: Tap Create worksheet

When does the timer start counting down?

The timer starts only when students open the worksheet, not upon its creation. On the Worksheets tab, students can identify timed worksheets, allowing them to prepare materials accordingly.

A timer icon indicates that the worksheet is timed.

How is the timing of each worksheet decided?

Following MOE’s guidelines, the timing of each worksheet is uniquely calculated based on the total attainable marks and overall difficulty, with an additional five minutes provided on top as a buffer for inputting and/or uploading answers. The total amount of time per worksheet typically ranges between 30 to 45 minutes.

What happens if the student exceeds the set timer for a worksheet?

Students can choose to continue working on the worksheet even after exceeding the timer, in which case the timer icon will turn red, counting up the additional time taken. Alternatively, students can choose to submit the worksheet for marking immediately when the timer runs out.

How will I know how much time was taken to complete a previously attempted worksheet?

The time taken to complete a timed worksheet will be shown in the completed/expired tab.

A blue-coloured timer icon indicates that the student has completed the worksheet within the recommended time, while a red-coloured timer signifies that the student exceeded the allotted time during the attempt.

A blue-coloured timer icon: student completed the worksheet within the recommended time.

A red-coloured timer icon: student completed the worksheet but exceeded the recommended time.

What features are disabled in the timed worksheets?

To simulate a realistic exam experience, Solutions, Explanations, Teacher Chat and Hints are disabled when the timed worksheet is active. Students can view the Solutions and Explanations, and engage the Teacher in a chat after the worksheet has been submitted.

If my child accidentally drops out from a timed worksheet halfway through their attempt, will the timer continue to run?

We understand that unexpected technical issues can sometimes arise while attempting a timed worksheet. If a student is accidentally taken out of the worksheet, the timer will pause automatically, allowing them to rejoin the worksheet and resume from where they left off.

My child started a timed worksheet but exited halfway through by themselves. Can they reopen it and continue?

No. In order to maintain the integrity of the practice session, reopening an attempted timed worksheet is not allowed.

Start practising with timed worksheets today

Adding the element of time in our worksheets will surely help students to become more mindful of how long they usually take to answer questions - an essential skill when it comes to preparing for exams.

Your child can start attempting timed worksheets right away in GenieSmart. We hope they find it useful in their studies! Rest assured that we’ll continue to improve and update the Geniebook platform with even more useful features to help your child accelerate their learning.

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