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Reflections from Geniebook's co-founder

Reflections from Geniebook's co-founder

This article was kindly contributed by our CEO, Neo Zhizhong, who hopes to share his personal experience with Geniebook.

As a co-founder of Geniebook, it may seem strange to write about my own experiences about the suite of learning products that we have created. One might wonder: What is the purpose of a founder writing about his own company? What insights could he possibly share without it seeming self-promotional?

Simply put, I wish to write about Geniebook because, despite having witnessed Geniebook’s role in achieving remarkable academic improvement for the thousands of students we have proudly served over the past seven years, it is only until recently that this same effect has graced my very own family. I therefore write this not in my capacity as a company co-founder, but as a fellow parent with personal stories dear to my heart, involving my daughter and two nieces who have directly experienced Geniebook's impact.

Before her introduction to Geniebook, one of my nieces was only getting mere passing marks. Thanks to our learning platform however, she has managed to score an impressive 33/40 in her Chinese essay, which is a testament to its transformative power. Furthermore, she recently secured the third position in her class for the Maths Weighted Assessment, marking a significant leap from her previous results.

Aside from the academic improvement, her engagement with Geniebook has also nurtured a deeper commitment to learning, demonstrated by her active participation in online classes and a substantial volume of practice, answering 500+ questions in the last 3 months.

The experience by my other niece gives me more cause for celebration. A GEP student, she partly attributed her success in her PSLE to the comprehensive practice she received through Geniebook, specifically from GenieSmart’s AI question bank. While she humbly credits Geniebook, it's essential to acknowledge her own talent, dedication and hard work. Her achievement of AL5 is a shared joy and a milestone that underscores the value of our platform. Even after entering RGS, she remains a consistent user of Geniebook, continuing to leverage our resources to excel in her academic journey.

Lastly, my very own daughter, who has recently embarked on her Geniebook journey, is already showing promising progress. Her newfound enthusiasm for reading Chinese books is not just an academic improvement; it's a crucial step toward ensuring she becomes proficient and strong in Chinese, a goal that's deeply important to our family. Given that we are only at the outset of this adventure, we approach this with cautious optimism, eager to see how her skills develop with Geniebook's support.

These stories aren't mere anecdotes; they are evidence of Geniebook's role in not just academic achievement, but in nurturing a love for learning, resilience and self-improvement. It's a reminder that our work transcends numbers and grades; it's about impacting lives, one student at a time.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the incredible Geniebook team. It is through their passion, dedication, and tireless work that have made all these stories possible. They alone form the backbone of Geniebook, and I am profoundly grateful to have worked alongside each and every one of them. To them I say this: Thank you for your commitment to excellence and for being part of this remarkable journey. Together, we are doing more than just teaching; we are transforming lives for the better.

Here's to shaping the future, one child at a time.

Neo Zhizhong
CEO & Co-founder of Geniebook

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