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What's new in Geniebook: March 2024

What's new in Geniebook: March 2024

Geniebook has constantly upgraded its learning tools since release, whether large or small in size. But it’s only until recently that we began to talk about some of the bigger features that we have introduced.

With no less than three big upgrades to GenieSmart over the last month, we thought it would be a good idea to consolidate all the new features and improvements that were made!

#1 The Post-class homework

Previously, students finishing GenieClass would close their internet browser or app after the lesson ends with no further followup. With this feature, students will now be prompted to attempt worksheets that contain questions exclusively related to the teaching material presented during the lesson.

Read more about the Post-class homework feature here.

#2 Recommended worksheets

Recommended worksheets show up on the GenieSmart interface as automatically suggested worksheets with recommended topics based on your child’s recent activity on Geniebook, such as attending a live online class or making a few mistakes on their latest worksheet. It also looks at the topics your child hasn’t practised in some time to refresh their memory.

Read more about the Recommended worksheets feature here.

#3 Timed worksheets

Timed worksheets allow students the option to practise worksheets under timed conditions, which helps them to learn how to pace themselves while providing a more realistic exam experience without having to set up their own timekeeping tools. It also enforces the habit of discipline, encouraging them to complete an entire worksheet in one sitting (which usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes).

Read more about the Timed worksheets feature here.

Worthy mentions

As the famous quote goes, “but wait, there’s more!” Our technical teams don’t just push out big flashy features every month - we also do a lot of minor fixes and improvements to the platform as a whole.

Here’s a quick selection of things that we have worked on over the past month or so:

📹 GenieClass

  • New pop-up notifications concerning poor connections and multiple login attempts have now been implemented to help students identify issues with their live classes.

🧑‍🏫 GenieAsk

  • New message notifications: When a new message arrives, the minichat will open, accompanied by a sound to notify the student. Sound and minichat pop-up preferences can be customised.
  • Emojis with suggestive meanings in pop culture are now disabled on GenieAsk chat. This change ensures a safe chat environment for all students.

👨‍👩‍👦 Parent app

  • The Worksheets page will replace the Study Plan page as the default upon app launch.

🐞 Other bug fixes/small improvements

  • Minor fixes made.
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