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Introducing the Post-class Homework feature

Introducing the Post-class Homework feature

Geniebook is constantly improving with new features and upgrades being added every month. Today, we’re announcing the new ‘Post-class Homework’ feature, allowing your child to quickly gain a deeper understanding of the topics that were taught in our live online classes. Let’s dive in!

What is this ‘Post-class Homework’ feature?

‘Post-class Homework’ is a new upgrade to our online learning platform that instantly transitions our students from a GenieClass session to a GenieSmart worksheet.

Previously, students finishing GenieClass would close their internet browser or app after the lesson ends with no further followup. While they might have managed to learn about a new topic during the lesson, it can be easy to forget parts of it without reinforcing their newfound knowledge with more practice.

With this feature, students will now be automatically prompted to create and attempt worksheets that contain questions exclusively related to the teaching material presented during the previous lesson.

As with all other GenieSmart worksheets, these Post-class Homework worksheets are created with AI assistance, ensuring that the difficulty level of the questions are set just right for your child’s current mastery of the subject.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access the Post-class Homework feature?

After attending a lesson on GenieClass, you will receive a special pop-up that allows you to create a class-related worksheet. The option to do so will remain available for up to seven days.

Unable to attend a live class? No worries - you can create Post-class Homework after watching recorded lessons too! Simply click on the Create worksheet button on each recorded class.

How does Geniebook select worksheet topics/concepts that relate to the live class?

The topics and concepts are automatically chosen based on the content covered in the live class. This feature helps bridge the gap between what is taught in class and what is tested in the worksheets.

How does the AI-personalised Homework function operate?

All Post-class Homework is personalised to your child’s ability with the help of AI, taking into account past activity, historical progress, and previous achievements. The AI Recommender works behind the scenes to recommend a personalised set of questions catered to your child’s proficiency level, one that best helps your child to witness score improvements.

Are credits required to create Homework?

Yes, creating a Homework deducts 1 credit from your account. Be sure to have enough credits available.

I wasn’t able to create a Homework and was shown this alert. What does it mean?

If you’re shown this alert, it means that you’ve practised all the relevant questions for these concepts and topics! We encourage you to continue on your learning journey by trying other topics instead.

I didn’t receive post-class homework after attending a live lesson. Why?

Post-class homework is up to our teachers’ discretion, based on the lesson objectives. Certain classes may not have topic-specific homework to be assigned to students i.e. Revision lessons, Exam skills lessons, etc. You can still follow up the lesson with a self-generated customised worksheet to support your learning.

Students who are attending higher level classes (e.g. P2 attending P3 class) will not receive post-class homework as well.

Can parents manually assign these worksheets to their children?

Not at the moment. This feature is primarily designed for students to create worksheets related to their live class content. It simplifies the process of reinforcing class material and practising what they've learned.


The Post-class Homework aims to enhance the learning experience by providing students with a seamless way to apply what they've learned in class through automated worksheets. It bridges the gap between class content and practice, offering a valuable resource for self-assessment and improvement.

We hope the introduction of this new worksheet type will help students like your child to reinforce their learnings quickly after attending their lessons on GenieClass, leading to better, lasting understanding of the subject topics. All the best in their studies!

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