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Practise better with Geniebook's new Recommended Worksheets

Practise better with Geniebook's new Recommended Worksheets

Making our students’ learning as efficient as possible on Geniebook has always been one of our primary goals. Today, we’re excited to talk about a new feature on GenieSmart that will help your child to start practising much faster: Recommended Worksheets!

What are recommended worksheets?

Recommended worksheets show up on the GenieSmart interface as automatically suggested worksheets with recommended topics that match your child’s recent activity on Geniebook, such as attending a live online class or making a few mistakes on their latest worksheet. It also looks at the topics your child hasn’t practised in some time for extra ideas on what to recommend. These worksheets will only appear when your child has less than 5 active worksheets at a time.

What kind of worksheets are typically recommended to my child?

There are three types of recommended worksheets:

  • Post-class homework: Students can reinforce their understanding by practising subtopics covered in live classes in this AI-personalised worksheet.
  • Revision worksheets: Provided every alternate Monday, these worksheets recap subtopics that students made a mistake in within the past two weeks.
  • Customised for skills decay: If a student hasn’t practised a topic over the past 30 days, a special worksheet will be recommended to help them refresh their knowledge.

Where can my child see their recommended worksheets?

Recommended worksheets can be found by logging in to Geniebook and navigating to the Worksheets tab, where they are highlighted with a special coloured border. Clicking on the worksheet and selecting “Create worksheet” allows students to begin practising.

My child is not seeing any recommended worksheets. Why?

This could be due to some possible reasons:

  • No recent activity in GenieClass (attend more GenieClasses to get recommended worksheets based on covered topics).
  • No mistakes made in worksheets over the past two weeks (great job!)
  • Too many active worksheets (recommended worksheets will only appear for students with fewer than 5 active worksheets to prevent burnout).

I can’t create a new recommended worksheet!

If you’re shown this alert, it means you’ve already practised all the relevant questions for these concepts and topics! We encourage you to continue on your learning journey by trying other topics instead.


With recommended worksheets, your child will be able to start practising what they’ve learned in GenieClass or working on less-understood topics much faster with our help. Happy learning!

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