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Geniebook's AI recommender, explained

Geniebook's AI recommender, explained

Geniebook’s suite of online learning tools has received several significant upgrades throughout the course of this year, one of which being the new Skills System that allows our students to track their mastery progress, down to each individual subject and topic.

In this article, we’ll be going through some of the finer details associated with another recently-included feature: the AI recommender.

What is the AI recommender?

Imagine the perfect teacher – a mentor in charge of a class of 40 students who knows each student’s learning strengths and weaknesses, personalities, and behaviours. Not only are they able to remember every single detail of every student they have ever taught, this teacher is also able to channel that information towards creating customised interventions that best help the students to learn.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, this mythical teacher is actually Geniebook’s AI recommender, working hard to do exactly those things to provide our students with the best opportunities to learn and improve.

What benefits does the AI recommender offer?

Simply put, the AI recommender does the following:

  • Remembers every mistake your child makes
  • Picks the best questions from our database of 300,000 questions
  • Chooses the topics for you
  • Gets you proven results in exams

More detailed information can be found in our first announcement article about the AI recommender, published back in June this year.

How does the AI recommender work?

In essence, the AI recommender executes a series of four tasks, described below:

Step One: Geniebook’s AI recommender gets to work as soon as your child starts using Geniebook. As your child learns and studies with us, the AI dives deep into their past academic history to learn all about them. By knowing your child’s learning habits, it forms a picture in its mind of their abilities and interests.

Step Two: The AI recalls its entire history of assisting students and shortlists those with academic profiles similar to your child’s.

Step Three: As soon as it remembers the circumstances that contributed to other students’ successes, the AI simulates thousands of questions in our system to determine the most effective set of questions that allows your child to achieve similar success.

Step Four: The AI then condenses them into a highly personalised set before assigning them to your child in the GenieSmart worksheets.

These four steps will continue to repeat as long as your child continues to use Geniebook to learn. The AI will constantly update its understanding of your child’s learning preferences and improve its customisation process to match.

How does the AI recommender impact my child’s learning?

While the steps in which you create and assign worksheets are the same, you might notice some slight differences in the questions displayed. Now, the AI recommender actively works behind the scenes to recommend a personalised set of questions catered to your child’s proficiency level, one that best helps your child to witness score improvements.

In conclusion

We hope this article helps familiarise you with our AI recommender and what it does! Rest assured that while the AI recommender is a significant upgrade to our suite of online learning tools, the core Geniebook experience has not been affected in any way - your child can expect to continue using Geniebook just as they have always done without disruptions.

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