[ST] Future of learning: How AI complements experienced teachers to deliver the full potential of e-learning

Parents and their school-going kids in Singapore and other parts of the world have become familiar with online learning following months of home-based learning (HBL), but lingering concerns remain on whether the learning process can be as effective when conducted virtually.

Are students truly engaged during virtual lessons? How can teachers motivate their students via online platforms? Would the students be able to cultivate critical thinking and a questioning mind in a virtual setting? Parents are asking these questions in private conversations and online forums.

Paying heed to these concerns, ed-tech company Geniebook has ramped up the capabilities on its online learning platform. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), it offers three learning products – GenieSmart, GenieClass and GenieAsk – for primary and secondary school students.

Click here for the full article on The Straits Times.

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