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Finding the perfect balance between CCAs and Studies

Finding the perfect balance between CCAs and Studies

Every student in Singapore joins a co-curricular activity (or CCA) at some point in their school life. Every school has its own selection of activities, but choices tend to range from uniformed groups like the Scouts, to sports teams, music bands or art clubs.

With such an exciting spread of activities available to students, it’s no surprise that many students struggle to balance their time between their chosen CCA and their studies. It’s no small feat, but with mindfulness and strategic planning, students can master the art of juggling these commitments, and pave the way for a well-rounded personal and academic development.

Need some tips and advice to pass on to your child? Here’s a few pointers to keep in mind:

Helpful tips for students to balance CCAs and studies

  • Set Clear Goals: Determine what academic achievements and co-curricular outcomes you want. This helps guide your decisions on how to allocate your time and effort.
  • Time Management: Use planners or digital apps to schedule and track both studies and activities. By following timetables closely, you’ll ensure that you’ll have enough time for both.
  • Prioritise Tasks: Know what needs immediate attention and what can wait. It’s OK to skip a CCA session once in a while to focus on your studies, and it’s perfectly fine to postpone a worksheet for a strong subject if you know you’ll have time for it later.
  • Know Your Limits: Recognize signs of stress and avoid overcommitting. Don’t be afraid to cancel prior arrangements if needed.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Focus on a few activities you're passionate about rather than getting involved with many.
  • Regular Breaks: Make sure to include downtime for relaxation and hobbies. Doing too much can cause stress and burnout, even when it comes to passion projects and favourite subjects.
  • Seek Support: Talk to teachers or mentors when feeling overwhelmed. Do so early and not at the last minute.
  • Reflect Regularly: Assess your schedule often and make adjustments as needed to maintain that balance.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Don’t forget to get enough sleep and exercise, and stick to healthy eating habits to support overall well-being.


With the outlined tips and a mindful approach, students can effectively balance their time invested in CCAs with academic work. Successfully doing so will not only prepare them for their current academic pursuits, but also equip them with valuable soft skills necessary for future success.

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