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Geniebook's triumph: Another year, another PSLE success story

Geniebook's triumph: Another year, another PSLE success story

Over the years, Geniebook has garnered the trust and recognition of parents through our unwavering commitment towards academic excellence. The exceptional performance of our students in the 2023 PSLE exams serves as a testament to this dedication. Observing our students excel at this pivotal moment fills us with pride, and we eagerly anticipate the bright future that lies ahead for each of them.

Notable wins: PSLE 2023 results*


1 in 2 Geniebook students achieved an AL 1 to AL 3 in at least one subject

At Geniebook, half of the students have successfully achieved an AL 1 to AL 3 in at least one subject*, highlighting the effectiveness of our personalised learning pedagogy. This accomplishment reinforces our commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and achievement in each student.

Geniebook students jumped 2 grades on average

Our students have achieved remarkable academic success, with an average leap of two grades*. This impressive advancement is a testament to Geniebook's ability to propel students forward in their educational journey.

*Derived from the PSLE results submitted by Geniebook students.


How Geniebook helps students prepare for PSLE

Geniebook actively guides students in preparing for the PSLE using a range of effective teaching methods. We offer a personalised learning experience through both our online platform and physical tuition classes, allowing you to select a style that matches your child's individual learning requirements.

Here are some of the many ways that Geniebook can help students succeed in their exams:

  • Based on historical performance, the AI generates a personalised revision plan to strengthen foundations and accelerate improvement.
  • Stumped by a homework question or puzzling over a problem in a past-year paper? Chat with our teachers during operation hours and receive personal real-time assistance.
  • Those opting for online lessons can choose from our wide selection of English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science classes across all supported levels to fit your child’s ideal study schedule.
  • At our newly launched physical tuition classes at United Square mall in Singapore, students benefit from both structured lessons led by experienced teachers and our AI-personalised curriculum powered by proprietary datasets, ensuring they gain a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the material.

What parents and students have to say about Geniebook's role in their PSLE success


Understanding the ins and outs of today's PSLE scores

The updated PSLE scoring system gives Primary 6 students a broader selection of secondary school choices. The goal is to let students focus on their strengths and interests while minimising score gaps, easing stress for both children and parents.


Click here to learn more about the new PSLE scoring system.

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As we celebrate new milestones, let us continue fostering a love for learning, curiosity, and excellence in education. The journey doesn't end here; it's a stepping stone to even greater accomplishments. Once again, we would like to congratulate our students for doing their utmost best and achieving their well-deserved results!

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