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How to remember what you studied during an exam

How to remember what you studied during an exam

Exams are undeniably stressful, both for students and parents. The pressure and anxiety that come with test-taking can be overwhelming. Among the many challenges that students face, a common nightmare is forgetting everything they've studied, leading to the fear of failure.

Stress profoundly affects memory recall, particularly during exams as they are stressful events. The tension and anxiety can hinder a student's access to their previously-acquired knowledge.

Worrying about forgetting can create a vicious cycle, exacerbating the problem. So, how can your child prevent this?

In this article, we'll provide practical guidance to help your child prepare for exams while maintaining good memory recall, empowering them to face exams with confidence.

Before Exams

Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep is essential for memory retention and cognitive function. During deep sleep, the brain organises and consolidates information, enhancing memory recall during exams.

Eat a healthy diet

Nutrient-rich foods, such as berries, fatty fish, nuts, and leafy greens, support brain health and memory recall. Limit sugary and processed foods that hinder concentration.

Practice exam conditions

Simulate test conditions with mock exams at home. This trains your child's brain to retrieve information under stress and familiarises them with the exam format.

During Exams

Keep calm

Maintaining composure during exams is vital for memory recall. Teach your child to take deep breaths, reassure themselves, and understand that some anxiety is normal.

Use breathing techniques

Teach your child simple deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing can reduce stress and improve oxygen flow to the brain, essential for memory recall.

Focus on one question at a time

Encourage your child to approach the exam one question at a time. Read each question carefully and concentrate solely on it. If a question is challenging, mark it for later and move on. Short breaks with deep breaths can help regain focus.


In the journey of academic excellence, exams can induce stress. We've explored valuable strategies emphasising sleep, nutrition, and effective exam techniques. By implementing these practical tips, students can confidently approach exams, transforming them from hurdles into opportunities for lasting success.

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