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How to use ChatGPT to learn: Getting article summaries

How to use ChatGPT to learn: Getting article summaries

ChatGPT has been creating quite a buzz since its release, captivating AI enthusiasts and businesses. But did you know that it can also be a game-changer for education?

In this article, we'll explore how ChatGPT can boost your child's learning by summarising dense texts. Let's dive in!

What is ChatGPT all about?

Imagine having a helpful assistant at your child's fingertips, always ready to support them by answering any question they have. That's ChatGPT in a nutshell!

To elaborate, ChatGPT is a super-smart language model that understands and responds to human prompts, which uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to work its magic.

By learning from a vast collection of texts, it can generate responses that make sense and provide valuable summaries of complicated topics.

Digesting long texts with ChatGPT

When it comes to subjects like English, Science, or even Humanities (for secondary students), learning often involves wading through a sea of information.

While textbooks have been the traditional go-to, the internet has opened up a wealth of knowledge. The only challenge? Many helpful articles can be quite lengthy, as they would go into great detail.

Before ChatGPT came along, your child might feel forced to read through all those texts and hoping that they get some valuable information out of it. But that’s all a thing of the past! Here's how your child can harness ChatGPT's power to streamline their learning process.

Crafting a prompt

A ‘prompt’ is a request or instruction sent by the user that tells ChatGPT to do something. In this particular case, we want ChatGPT's summarisation capabilities, so we will want to use a prompt that has the following structure:

  1. Start with a brief intro or context about your request
  2. Ask ChatGPT to summarise an article or excerpt
  3. Paste the relevant text

Here’s how the prompt may actually look like when typed out.

Hey ChatGPT, I’m learning about [ Topic ] for the first time. Can you help me out by summarising this article? I'd love to grasp the main points about [ Topic ] quickly and easily.

Limitations and Adjustments

You should know that the normal, free version of ChatGPT is unable to access the internet and retrieve information on their own, so your child will need to provide the text they want ChatGPT to work with. Simply copy and paste the relevant text right after the initial request, like the example below.

chatgpt example ext

To get even better summaries from ChatGPT, encourage your child to use even more detailed requests and provide some background information about why they need it. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional help after that, either, as they can remember what the whole conversation was all about.

Lastly, it’s also important to remember that being a relatively new innovation, ChatGPT has been known to occasionally give incorrect information. Because of that, your child should ideally continue to research about their topic of choice after getting information from ChatGPT, just to be safe.

With ChatGPT as their learning companion, your child can conquer lengthy articles like never before. By summarising complex texts into bite-sized nuggets of knowledge, ChatGPT makes learning more engaging and efficient. Have fun learning!

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